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    Hand-held Labeler

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    the clamp

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    • Improves affixing of labels
    • Time-saving
    • Easily adapts to all our labels
    • Light and quick

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    hand-held labeler

    The ideal hand-held labeler to save time, lightweight and quick, it adapts all our labels. Can be used with one hand, it also allows a great freedom of movement.

    This hand labeler allows you to optimize the affixing of your labels in series

    Affixing a label is always easy. 1,000 labels to be affixed, 5,000 or more requires organization and some optimized processes. The hand-held labeler is a key element of this optimization, since it saves a lot of time when affixing labels in series, and in addition it guarantees reliable and correct affixing of the label on its affixing base.

    A hand labeler for professionals

    This hand labeler is really intended for professionals who have many labels to affix in a short time period. This is why it is light (less than 300 grams), ergonomic (ideal handle, balance, grip), and fast in its operation.

    This automatic label dispenser clips automatically to the label you are using, advancing progressively through friction. This hand-held labeler will fit perfectly with most of the SBE labels on our offer, as well as yours: its chuck adapts to the diameter of your roller in an instant.

    The most important: as naturally only one hand is used to place the labels on the affixing base, the other hand is free to prepare the base, hold property documents to be labeled, or even a barcode reader to scan the labels affixed.


    Data sheet

    the clamp
    Catalog code
    C031 D031 E775 F775
    Reinforced plastic
    25 x 60 mm or 55 x 100 mm

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    Format 25-60mm Ref. ACC-SAP1

    Quantités Prix € HT
    1 211 €

    Format 55-100mm Ref. ACC-SAP2

    Quantités Prix € HT
    1 253 €

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