white printable patient identification wristbands to cut
  • white printable patient identification wristbands to cut
  • divided printable patient identification wristbands

SATO printable patient identification wristband

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  • Avoid making medical errors
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Customizable
  • Secure and permanent fastener

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This SATO printable hospital wristband for patient identification is primarily suited to the health sector because of its antimicrobial structure. Printing with thermal transfer ensures perfect printing and impeccable data storage under all circumstances. Antibacterial, flexible and resistant to daily stress, this wristband has a tamperproof clip fastener. This hospital wristband is customized using the Sato CG2 printer. All you need to do is simply set it, and it will sustainably print all the information that you need.

Identification-wristband- hospitals An antimicrobial wristband designed for the medical sector

Thisidentification wristband has many properties that make it ideal for the medical and health sector in general. The results of tests carried out show that this wristband is resistant to hot water, liquid soap, abrasion, disinfectants and other conventional solvents. Even the fastening clips are antimicrobial to best protect patients and their environment.

The identification wristband for adults is sold per box of 600 wristbands, and the children's wristbands per box of 1000 wristbands.

A flexible and comfortable hospital wristband

The thermal transfer wristband is more flexible and softer than traditional wristbands, and is thus more comfortable to wear. It does not cause any discomfort. Moreover, the fastening clip of this wristband is round which makes it more comfortable.

SATO-identification-thermal- transfer-wristbandA totally customizable hospital wristband

Packaged in rolls and available in different colors, the blank thermal transfer wristband that we offer is customized using Thermal transfer printer This printer can be configured by the software provided, which enables to permanently print the required information on the wristband (name, number, barcode, QR Code, photo, etc.)

A durable thermal transfer print

The thermal transfer printing system requires the use of high performance ink ribbon. The print head of the printer heats the ribbon and allows the ink to transfer onto the hospital wristband. The SATO CG2 printer enables printing of quality wristbands in large quantities. The information written on the wristband with the SATO CG2 printer remains perfectly legible even when the wristband is placed in contact with water or common solvents.

SATO-tamperproof-clip- hospital-wristband Fastening system with tamperproof clip

The clip that enables the fastening of this hospital identification wristband on the patient's wrist is impossible to open after closing the clip. This security system prevents the wearer from removing it and/or giving it to other person. As a result, attempts to pull it off are impossible and you can be assured of the identity of the person wearing the wristband in a hospital environment.

Colors for adult wristbands:

White BLA
Blue BLE
Yellow JN
Pink RO
Green VE

Other sizes and colors available on request, contact us.

Colors for children's wristbands:

motif lapin fleur rose bracelet indentification enfant hopital Pink rabbit RS
motif fleurs bleues bracelet identification Blue flower BLE
White BLA


Data sheet

the box
the box
1 year
Catalog code
D233 E867 F867
Thermal transfer
Printing resistance
General resistance
Abrasion, cleaning products, antimicrobial
Adult: White, yellow, blue, pink, green

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Format 293 x 30 mm (Adult) Ref. ICB-BTT-AD-BLE

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1 434 €

Format 293 x 15 mm (Adult) Ref. ICB-BTT-AD2-BLA

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1 434 €

Format 170 x 27 mm (Child) Ref. ICB-BTT-EN-BLA

Quantités Prix € HT
1 1098 €

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