Which secure cash bag to choose ?

The cash desk bags are similar to bags that can be used to carry either cash or tickets. Our till bags are designed to centralise various till documents (coins, cheques, vouchers, blue card receipts, etc.). However, there are several types of checkout pockets and their uses vary according to the shape, size and security of the pocket. Discover in this article, the specificities and characteristics of our checkout bags. 

What is the purpose of the secure cash bag? 

In 2019, cash is still the most widely used means of payment in the European Union, both in shops and between individuals. In France, 59% of transactions are in cash, compared to 35% in cards. However, there has been an increase in contactless card payments since the beginning of the epidemic. 

In view of the amount of cash circulating in space, the cash bags are becoming very useful. In particular, they are used to collect money from different cash sources.

For example, at the end of each day, cashiers have to transfer the cash from the cash registers to a safe place

As technology has evolved, there are also cash-operated machines that accept cash in shops and mini-markets. Like cash registers, these machines need to have their funds withdrawn regularly. 

In railway stations, metro stations and other public places we regularly find vending machines selling snacks and drinks. Cash bags allow the funds to be easily removed and secured from the various machines. 

In addition to the retail sector, cash bags can also be used to transport cash in the banking sector. There are more than 48,000 cash dispensers in France. These ATMs receive deposits of cheques or cash. In addition, most of these ATMs are regularly supplied with notes. These ATMs are required to be stocked and also emptied. As a result, the transfer of money from the bank to the cash machine is regular and represents a great opportunity for thefts and exchanges of cash pouches.  

In short, money and cheques are constantly in transit and the transfer of funds is a vulnerable and theft-prone time. Security cash bags are the solution for more secure and trackable transportation. 

Our available cash bags

SBE Direct offers two types of cash bags: 

  • Secure checkout bag with seal: The secure checkout bag with zip and seal: the plastic seal closes the zipper. In order to reopen the checkout bag, it is necessary to break the seal. 
  • The extra large security checkout bag with T-bar closure: this closure is special. The bag is closed with a metal insert which is inserted into the hole. The insert does not close the bag. The metal insert has a notch on the end to allow a padlock or seal to pass through. 

Both bags are designed to secure your cash and receipts during transport. Both bags are made of PVC coated nylon. This material ensures that the bag and its contents are waterproof. To secure their transport, equip your bags with a seal to lock the zip or the metal insert.

Each bag is available in different sizes. The bag with the plastic seal has 3 sizes, detailed below: 

Size(L x H x P)Reference WeightColour available
182 x 178 x 50mm MSEC-CCB0 72g Red, Green, Blue
267 x 267 x 50mm MSEC-CCB1 120g Red, Green, Blue
356 x 356 x 50mm MSEC-CCB4 197g Red, Green, Blue

This model of security transfer bag is only sealed with T2 plastic seals. These seals are made from recycled plastics, on which a unique number is laser printed. With this number, the recipient can be sure that the contents of the bag have not been compromised during transport. 

In contrast, the T-bar bag can be closed with a padlock or a plastic seal, either numbered or not. For this model, there are only two sizes:

Taille (L x H x P)
RéférencePoidsCouleur disponible
410 x 630 x 150mm MSEC-CCB5-BL 310g Orange, Vert, Bleu
520 x 870 x 150mm MSEC-CCB5-BL-L 760g Orange, Vert, Bleu

Which checkout pocket to choose for which use? 

There are many uses for secure cash pouches. There are 3 main questions to ask:

    1. Do I need to carry large amounts of cash? 

The extra large T-bar sealed cash pouches have a larger volume than the T2 sealed cash pouches. Therefore, if you have a large volume of cash to be collected, we recommend that you choose our extra large checkout bags.

The small size (430x630x150mm) is frequently used to store vending machine cassettes. Indeed, there are vending machines in different places: shops, shopping centres... 

On the other hand, the large size is mainly used for moving large volumes of ballots, confidential documents or large amounts of cash. 

The zippered bag is ideal for smaller amounts of money. 

    2. Do I need an address window for ease of use? 

Unfortunately, the bar-lock type of cash pouches do not have a leather-like slot for a label. Our other type of zippered security bag has a small label holder. This feature can be extremely useful if you have a large number of vending machines, which require a separate pocket for each machine. The label indicates the source of the cash collected for easy management of your cash pouches. 

     3. Is a numbered seal required for transport? 

In addition, if you do not wish to use a security seal (either T2 or progressive seals), the T-bar bags can be closed with a security padlock.  A padlock will only be able to be locked and opened by people with keys. The padlock can also be reused and is also more difficult to break than a simple seal. However, you cannot be sure that the bag has never been opened.

Seals, on the other hand, ensure that the contents have not been altered during the journey thanks to the unique number on the seal. This laser-printed number cannot be tampered with or removed as it is extremely resistant to attack. However, the seals can be opened by hand. Both models can be closed with a plastic seal. 

Why choose a secure checkout bag? 

The checkout bag offers many advantages: 

  • Till bags are reusable more than 2,000 times 
  • Made of high quality, durable and weatherproof materials to protect your money
  • An economical and ecological alternative to money bags 
  • 5 year warranty
  • Secure numbered seals for better tracking

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