What is the difference between a Kensington and Dell security cable?

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Before you buy an anti-theft cable, it is important to know if it is compatible with your computer. In this article, we present the 3 types of anti-theft cables, specific to a security slot present on a PC.

Features of the Kensington notch cableencoche kensington

The Kensington security slot (also called Kensington lock or K-lock) is the most common slot found on most PCs, but also on other types of equipment such as televisions and overhead projectors. This rectangular hole measuring 7.4 x 3.2 mm is reinforced around the edge by a metal plate.

It is designed to accommodate a Kensington-tipped anti-theft cable with a plug-in system. Our anti-theft cable offers a high level of security thanks to its "push to lock" system which allows locking with a single click. This 2m long cable has an excellent resistance to tearing.

A Kensington cable can be locked and unlocked with a cylinder or flat key or a numeric combination.

Features of the DELL Wedge cable

antivol encoche wedge

Specific to DELL computers, the Wedge security slot is smaller than the Kensington slot at 4.5 x 3.2 mm.

The Wedge Notch PC Security Cable is locked with a small, non-reproducible cylinder key. 

Find our 2m long Safe-Tech Wedge Notch PC Lock Cable made of steel. It will protect your DELL laptops and notebooks. It is fixed in the best possible way thanks to a fine foam shock absorber which prevents any friction that could damage the equipment. In addition, it has a 360° rotating head, useful for turning the key when you have little space.

HP Nano/SAMSUNG notch cable features câble encoche nano

If you have an HP or Samsung computer, you will need a Nano Notch Cable. This one has a size of 2.5 x 6 mm. 

All these cables have a small loop at the end, which allows them to be wrapped around a permanent object such as a desk stand or other equipment. These cables are difficult to cut and in the event of an attempted theft, the notch on the computer will be damaged.

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