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OPI 3601 cabled 2D barcode reader

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the reader

Tax excluded Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines
  • Powerful 2D reader
  • Ultra fast scanning
  • Powerful LED
  • USB connection 
  • Resistant to falls of more than 1m50

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At home on Friday 07 October 2022

This OPI 3601 barcode reader has numerous qualities. It is light, easy to handle and can read not only 1D codes but also 2D. It reads barcodes at a rate of 60 scans per second

OPI 3601 Cabled 2D Imager GunThis handheld 2D barcode reader offers rock solid performance

The OPI 3601 is a cabled CMOS 2D barcode reader. In addition, its reading head supports a variety of barcodes such as standard 1D barcodes and 2D barcodes as well as QR codes and Datamatrix format. Added to this, the reading head is very precise: it can read and decipher damaged codes. The brilliant code support does not hinder the user in scanning, because this cabled laser gun reads all surfaces: paper, plastic, glass, digital screen, etc.

This cabled barcode gun is very practical and reads QR codes

The cradle for the cabled barcode reader is supplied with the product, but the handheld 2D laser reader can be used in hands-free mode or placed in its cradle. Its dimensions allow for ergonomic use of the device. It is seen as the lightest and smallest cabled barcode gun on the market (148.6 x 56 x 108.1 mm). Its light weight, 85 g, makes it easy to handle. It has a high movement tolerance for fast scanning, complemented by a bright LED for easy and smooth use and targeting.

This 2D barcode reader is well known in many fields

The OPI 3601 is renowned in key sectors such as healthcare, for digitising wristbands and medical products, and in large retail for mobile phone barcodes and money-off coupons. Finally, it is very useful at events for electronic ticketing.

This handheld barcode imager is cabled, robust and of high quality

OPI 3601 Cabled 2D Imager Gun on its stand

This laser 2D barcode reader is protected against residues and dust, but also against water splashes. We can assure you of its extreme sturdiness as it withstands falls of 1.5 m on hard surfaces.

Typical applications for the OPI-3601:

• Reading Datamatrix GS1 codes at the point of sale
• Reading electronic tickets and money-off coupons on mobile phones
• Applications in healthcare for reading wristbands and monitoring patients


Data sheet

the reader
1 year
Catalog code
E1006 F1006
60 flashes / sec
Temperature resistance
-5 ° C to 50 ° C


OPI 3601 barcode reader (EN)

Manual user OPI 3601 cabled 2D barcode reader

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