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OPC 3301 i wireless laser scanner

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the reader

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  • Bluetooth at a distance of more than 10 m
  • Ultra fast scanning
  • Very high level of autonomy
Barcode reading

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This wireless laser barcode reader is a concentrate of technology combining lightness and performance. The laser scanner communicates via Bluetooth, which allows it to record scanned codes in real time, 1D and/or 2D, depending on the model chosen. Its handle-like design and lack of wires make it mobile and comfortable to use in all areas.

Read multiple one- and two-dimensional barcodes anywhere, anytime

The design of the scanner is ergonomic and allows for a comfortable scanning experience. This barcode scanner gun can be easily taken anywhere to scan EAN13 or QR codes. Thanks to its ultra light design, it weighs only 120 grams. Ideal for tasks that require a high degree of mobility and moving around all day.

utilisation lecteur code barre opc 3301 sans fil

The fast reading speed of this wireless barcode reader allows you to increase your work efficiency. Its 650nm laser diode can scan up to 100 scans per second on labels located more than 30cm away and on screens or mobile phones. The barcode reader has a powerful CCD scan engine and can read low contrast, high density and irregular barcodes.

This portable laser barcode scanner is sold separately from its Bluetooth relay. It allows a perfect wireless use with a range of more than 10 meters, that is to say a room of 80m²! Moreover, the data can be sent directly to any Bluetooth device: computer, tablet...

In case you cannot transfer your data via Bluetooth, it is possible to dump your reader onto a computer or tablet via a USB cable (provided with the reader). Indeed, the scanned codes are stored in its 1 Mb memory and will be transmitted via a .txt file; easily convertible into an Excel file or any other inventory file.

A tough wireless reader for harsh environments

The OPC-3301i has a modern, classic and sleek look that fits perfectly on a countertop or desk where no cables are desired. The CCD is more durable:

  • break-proof: withstands drops from 1.5m onto a concrete surface
  • IP42 standard: resists up to 85% humidity and water spray
  • It is also operational between 0 and 50°c and can be stored in environments ranging from -20 to 60°.

What are the uses for the OPC 3301i wireless barcode reader?

This scanner is aimed at professionals who are highly mobile in their work. Perfectly suited to forklift operators, warehouse workers and order pickers, barcode scanners are essential tools for all mobile employees who want to quickly capture data, manage stock or track packages.

This laser scanner is also suitable for point-of-sale scanning for stocktaking or inventory of products sent for scrap - i.e. discarded products.

Thanks to its 1100 mAh battery, it can last approximately 72 hours in standby and 24 hours in Bluetooth barcode reading. Its fast charge (3 hours for a full charge) allows you to quickly recover its full autonomy.

How do I use the OPC 3301i wireless barcode scanner?

The OPC 3301i in 1D or 2D version is very easy to configure and use. You only need to follow the 5 steps to connect the reader, the cradle and the PC or any other device.

It can be connected to any Apple product thanks to the MFi certification. The barcode reader can be connected to a Microsoft computer or an iPhone, iPad and even iPod Touch. As mentioned before, you can either connect your scanner or download the scans via USB.

To read the barcode, simply place the scanner over the code, pull the trigger. If the code has been read, then the green LED will light up accompanied by a small noise. If not, a red LED will light up.

Wireless laser barcode reader, ideal for reading 2D QR codes and other composite codes.

Do you identify your goods with QR-code labels? This wireless laser barcode reader is also available in a 2D version. This advantageous option offers the possibility to read all regulated barcode types (ENA13, UPC, composite codes) for even more application possibilities. In addition, thanks to its new Imager Technology, the OPC 3301i 2D barcode terminal allows QR-code reading on a smartphone screen, ideal for ticket control at exhibitions and festivals.

Differentiate between types of codes:

1D (one-dimensional) codes are a version below the 2D (two-dimensional) code. 2D (two-dimensional) barcodes are a combination of small black and white squares that are much more numerous than the bars in 1D codes.

    • 1D barcodes are often more affordable and readable by all readers. However, it limits us in the storage capacity (only 48 characters maximum) and can only be read in one direction.
    • Two-dimensional codes allow for more information to be stored because they use the entire area (Y and Z axis) to encode data. It is readable in all directions and remains readable even if partially erased or damaged. However, some code readers can scan and read this type of code.
Types of 1D Barcode readTypes of 2D Barcode read
JAN/UPC/EAN incl. add on, Codabar / NW-7, Code 11, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, GS1-128 (EAN-128), GS1 DataBar (RSS), IATA, Industrial 2of5, Interleaved 2of5, ISBN-ISMN-ISSN, Matrix 2of5, MSI/ Plessey, UK/Plessey, S-Code, Telepen, Tri-Optic

Aztec Code, Aztec Runes, Chinese Sensible code, Codablock F, Composite codes, Data Matrix (ECC200), Maxi Code (mode 2~5), MicroPDF417, Micro QR Code, Passport MRZ (OCR-B), PDF417, QR Code

Please note: The charging cradle (CHG-3201), charging and communication cradle (CRD-3301B) and Bluetooth HID extension are sold separately. Only the hand strap is included with the OPC3301i wireless barcode scanner.

How does a barcode reader work?

scan code barre opc 3301

A 1D or 2D code is an assembly of black and white lines, each corresponding to a particular number. To read it easily and quickly, the reader relies on a physical phenomenon which is the absorption of the wavelength. The colour black absorbs the wavelength and does not reflect the light, while white does. Depending on the wavelength received by the receiver (shower head, reader, PDA, etc.), it can interpret the message in binary code: white corresponds to code 1 and black to 0.

 The reader will therefore transcribe this binary sequence by numbers and letters. But there are many ways to transcribe these vertical bars:

  • the 2 of 5 code: the binary sequence of 5 digits corresponds to a digit (from 1 to 9). For example, the sequence 10001 corresponds to the number 6.
  • the 2 of 5 interleaved code: which takes into account the width of the bars, for example, the sequence Large, Narrow, Narrow, Large, Narrow corresponds to an 8
  • the plessey code: the binary sequence of 4 digits corresponds to a hexadecimal character: from 0 to 9 and from A to F. For example, the sequence 1111 corresponds to F.

I recommend you to read our article to know everything about barcodes and their readers.

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Data sheet

the reader
1 year
100 scans / sec
Temperature resistance
-5 ° C to 50 ° C
1 MB
48 hours
Sensor type
Type of reading
1D (2D optional)
Reading distance
Resistance to falls
Number of bar codes read


Pistolet OPC-3301i 1D-2D (FR)

Fiche Technique Pistolet OPC 3301i 1D - 2D

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Barcode reading 1D Ref. ACC-LCB-3301-1D

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Barcode reading 2D Ref. ACC-LCB-3301-2D

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