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SBE Direct presents its range of barcode readers. If you wish to use good quality readers over a long period, choose our range which brings together performance, durability, ergonomics and handling.

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88.00€ Tax excluded
  • Our best seller
  • Reliable and ultra-fast reading
  • USB connection, Mac and PC
  • Resistant to shock
  • Recognizes most existing barcodes
  • Class B and CE compliant

Optimize your working time and scan any label with these barcode readers.

You will find various models of hand-held barcode readers with very good value for money and designed to make your code reading quick and easy: auto-trigger hand-held reader, CCD hand-held reader, ultralight laser hand-held reader.With reading speeds up to 200 scans per second, manageable, efficient and very elegant design: all these barcode readers are able to read almost all the barcodes currently in use.

These hand-held barcode readers do not fear moisture or dust

Most of them have a high protection index (IP 54), and are the most durable on the market. These durable barcode guns are designed for multiple working environments: stores, small shops or large signs.
These hand-held barcode readers are available with the standard interfaces: USB, Ecran-Clavier and RS232.

For logistics professionals or inventory management, we also have a complete range of gun-type barcode readers.