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    OPL-6845Z handheld Laser auto-trigger

    230,00 Tax excluded

    the shower

    Tax excluded Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines
    • RoHS compliance
    • High reading performance
    • Removable stand
    • Automatic read

    Total : 230.00€ HT

    At home on Monday 06 December 2021

    The Opticon OPL 6845Z reads low-contrast labels. This auto-trigger or automatic handheld laser reader is equipped with a highly effective laser that scans barcodes at high speed (100 scans/second). This handheld scanner takes up very little space and is perfectly suited to all environments.

    OPL-6845R Handheld Laser auto-triggerThe handheld laser auto-trigger offers great ease of use in scanning barcodes

    This model offers its user perfect ergonomics in its handling. A high-performance 1D cabled reader, it is easy and pleasant to handle. The reading head offers a quite impressive performance of 100 scans/second. In addition, the handheld barcode reader can read smooth and shiny surfaces, such as high contrast labels for example.

    This 1D cabled reader fits into confined spaces

    Its shape and size mean that this hands-free barcode reader can adapt quickly to different environments. Whether in a small shop or large retail, this scanner fits in perfectly for administrative and distribution purposes.

    The handheld auto-trigger reader automatically detects the barcodes

    Do you need speed and fluidity in your business? The hands-free barcode reader is ideal for use at the check-out in large retail. It allows you to scan products quickly using its hands-free kit which, thanks to its automatic trigger mode, reads barcodes on simple presentation to the laser.

    OPL-6845R handheld Laser auto-trigger stand

    This handheld 1D laser reader offers confirmed solidity making it very resistant to falls

    This hands-free barcode reader combinessolidity and ergonomics, and it is very useful in numerous sectors. It is good value for money, as well as being highly robust. It adapts to difficult conditions, high temperatures and humidity. This handheld laser reader resists falls of 1.5 m on hard floors.

    Technical Characteristics

    Reading rate: 100 scans/secBarcode: JAN/UPC/EAN - Codabar - NW-7 - Code 39 - Code 93 - Code 128 -IATA - Industrial 2 of 5 - Interleaved 2 of 5 - Matrix 2 of 5 - Chinese Post Matrix 2 of 5 - MSI/Plessey - UK/Plessey - S-Code - Telepen - Tri-OpticAutomatic mode: Auto-triggerTemperature of use: -5°C to 50°CStandard: IP54 - 1m50 fall on concrete


    Data sheet

    the shower
    1 year
    Catalog code
    E1011 F1011

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