Strong Polyester A4 Laser Printing Labels

Discover our blank white or coloured Laserlab label sheets

Customize and print your own white, coloured or silver laser labels with our blank laser-printed labels. You will identify your inventories entirely according to your needs and with a quality close to professional impressions. Polyester laser labels are ideal for a large series of labelling

Strong Polyester A4 Laser Printing Labels - SBE Direct

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A high quality polyester label with excellent resistance

These polyester laser labels are resistant to extreme temperatures (-55° to +155°), cleaning products, solvents and UV radiation. Your logo and barcodes are printed in high resolution on a high-performance abrasion-resistant laser ink adhesion layer, which reinforces your brand image and enhances your markings.

These silver laser labels are composed of either a double layer adhesive or a high quality acrylate adhesive, both of which offer excellent long-term durability.