plastic seal progressive tightening firm numbering
  • plastic seal progressive tightening firm numbering
  • plastic seal with progressive tightening white
  • Apollo plastic warranty seal with progressive tightening - 3
  • Apollo plastic warranty seal with progressive tightening - 1
  • Apollo plastic warranty seal with progressive tightening - 2
  • Apollo plastic warranty seal with progressive tightening - 3
  • Apollo plastic warranty seal with progressive tightening - 4

Apollo plastic warranty seal with progressive tightening

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  • Plastic seal with progressive adjustment
  • Ideal for identifying your goods and products
  • Available in two sizes
  • Notched stem
  • Customization (logo, EAN, barcode, QR-code)
  • Thermodigital printing : Black and white
  • Tensile strength: 220N
Seal length

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The Apollo warranty seal is made of recyclable plastic and guarantees the authenticity of your products and goods as well as their handling by an unauthorized third party. Practical, economical, customizable and entirely recyclable, the Apollo warranty seal is the plastic seal you need. Available in two formats, it will adapt to various conditions.

A seal with multiple characteristics

The Apollo plastic warranty seal allows you to ensure the authenticity of all your products and goods. Unlike the smooth stems, its notched stem limits the risk of breaking or opening the seal by a third party. The standard model of the Apollo guarantee seal has a hole for a label holder and is considered as a Pull-Up seal.

Pull-Up progressive tightening seals are stronger than Pull-Tite for several reasons :

  • Pull-Up seal : Difficult to open by hand, that’s why we offer you the option of adding the easy opening.
  • Pull-Tite progressive tightening seal : Used in cases where security must be ensured as well as manual opening in case of need. 

DimensionsApollo CourtApollo Long
Length 315 mm 425 mm
Max width 21 mm 21 mm
Printing area 33 x 19 mm
Clamping tooth diameter 3,2 mm

See the complete range of plastic security seals.

The Apollo plastic tamper evident seal has an optimal tensile strength of 220N.

How do I use the Apollo warranty seal ?

Like padlocks, seals also have different ways of closing. Some are sealed from the front, others from the back, or with a lead.

Here, the Apollo warranty seal is one of those that can be sealed from the back. You just have to hold the head of the seal with one hand and the stem with the other.

A simple pull, once inserted in the locking mechanism, will be enough to engage the tightening of the notched rod.

To break the seal, you have two choices :

  • Manually : with a simple pull ;
  • With scissors : clean cut.

It is recommended to personalize the seal with a serial number, in order to further guarantee the security and identification of your property. This way, if a third party breaks the seal or replaces it, it will be easy for you to determine the theft or the break-in.

It is to be noted that our seals are provided with a specific numbering to each one, as well as with the mention "sealed" in order to ensure an optimal and maximum safety!

It is to be noted that our seals are provided with a specific numbering to each one, as well as with the mention "sealed" in order to ensure an optimal and maximum safety!

The different areas of use of warranty seals

Apollo is an adjustable plastic warranty seal. It is used in many areas because of its structural simplicity. Made entirely of plastic, it is economical and fully recyclable. Here are some examples of applications :

Fashion and E-commerce : In order to ensure that the product ordered has not been used or consumed, it is common to attach a warranty seal.

Banking : The Apollo guarantee seal made of recyclable plastic is commonly used to safeguard important documents, meal or fuel vouchers, keys, but also to close payment station bags such as coffee machines or self-service machines.

The chemical and food industry : The plastic guarantee seal is very present in this industry in order to identify for example the origin of a ham, to close a complete product (bag of mussels) or for reasons of logistics and transport for external use.

Mail delivery area : The Apollo guarantee seal in recyclable plastic allows the closing of plastic containers with lids and the closing of bags containing letters and parcels.

A customizable seal for a unique and tamper-proof warranty seal

Standard customization :

At SBE Direct, we are committed to customer satisfaction. We believe that customer satisfaction is achieved through products that reflect your company’s image. In this sense, we wanted to make sure that the customization was as complete as possible.

Also, we offer you the choice between two sizes of Apollo warranty seal in recyclable plastic :

  • Apollo Court :

  • Apollo Long :

The personalization by printing strips, guarantees an exceptional printing, we use permanent ink by thermal transfer anti-fading. Thus, we can guarantee a quality and durable printing(It should be noted that this type of printing is done in black or white).

It will be possible to insert what you wish to see appearing on the head of the seal (green insert on the diagrams), that it is :

  • A logo,
  • A serial number,
  • A barcode.

Concerning the general visual aspect of your plastic seal of guarantee, we propose more than 12 different colors, that here :

Advanced customization options:

At SBE Direct, we try to provide the most comprehensive offerings possible. The Apollo recyclable plastic warranty seal is eligible for several options :

  • To enlarge the text area (green area) in order to push the customization as far as possible,
  • To add an easy opening in order to be able to break the seal manually under any circumstances,
  • With clips.

If you have any questions about an option or feature of the Apollo plastic seal, feel free to contact us directly online !

What is a warranty seal ?

There is a multitude of seal types for various uses. These uses have a direct impact on the shape, the material or the stem of the seal. In this sense, a security seal will be fundamentally different from a warranty seal.

The difference between these two types of seals lies in the use you wish to make of them. Indeed, securing a product or an asset is different from ensuring its authenticity. So, before buying a seal, ask yourself the following question: What will I use it for ?

Here, as it is a warranty seal, its primary use is to guarantee the authenticity of the products or goods and/or to prove its manipulation or not by an unauthorized third party.

The security seals, guarantee the security of the products or goods and prevent possible attempts of fraud, burglary or theft. These seals, more resistant than the average, must meet standards. Usually, cables and bolts are classified in this category of security seals.

In order to obtain more precision concerning the different types of seals, we have written an article about : Which security seal for which use ?

An environmentally friendly plastic seal !

At SBE Direct, we are committed to reducing our waste and operating in an environmentally responsible manner, and we want to extend this to our products so that we can offer you more environmentally friendly products.

Our seals are certified ISO 14001:2015, which means that they are made from 30% recycled material. Moreover, this international standard is an aid to the management of your environmental responsibility, it contributes strongly to sustainable development and is a pillar of the CSR policy of companies.

The Apollo plastic security seal meets the specifications perfectly! Because of its composition, this plastic seal is completely recyclable.


Data sheet

the pack of 1000
In packs of 1000
1 year
Thermal transfer
Toothed rod
Progressive tightening
Printing area
33 mm x 19 mm
Fields of application
Mail delivery
Seal dimensions (mm)
315 x 21 / 425 x 21
Clamping tooth diameter
3,2 mm
Made in
Tensile strength

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