Protective Travel Case

With our range of transport cases, protect your most fragile and sensitive items during transport (risky or repeated) with our waterproof security cases with a locking system and a foam interior for maximum protection.

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the suitcase

SBE proposes a large range of suitcases, briefcases, waterproof cases, flight case and containers with interior designed for transporting sensitive,...

These indispensable safety cases for transporting your delicate equipment

Used most often by law enforcement, firefighters, industry and the military, these security cases are the ideal solution for all your transport and use of equipment in extreme conditions. Laptops, confidential documents, electronic or photographic equipment, these transport cases are suitable for all types of objects.

Our transport cases have a light and shock-resistant structure. Their waterproofing protects your equipment against humidity, rain, dust and chemicals. It is therefore a reliable and easy-to-use solution for transporting your equipment on the move.

A customisable carrying case

Opt for a transport case that is perfectly adapted to the shape of your equipment thanks to the option of a custom-made foam for optimal support of your equipment during transport. We offer a wide range of foams of different densities and colours, all of which are digitally cut using a high-pressure water jet or laser.