Safe protective case - 50x19x39cm - 1
  • Safe protective case - 50x19x39cm - 1
  • Safe protective case - 50x19x39cm - 2
  • Safe protective case - 50x19x39cm - 3
  • Safe protective case - 50x19x39cm - 4
  • Safe protective case - 50x19x39cm - 5
  • Safe protective case - 50x19x39cm - 6

Safe protective case - 50x19x39cm

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  • Watertight, crushproof, and dustproof
  • Easy open Double Throw latches
  • Open cell core with solid wall design - strong, light weight
  • O-ring seal
  • Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve - balances interior pressure, keeps water out>

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To secure your small, fragile equipment when you travel, choose a secure carrying case to ensure the safety of the contents. The PELI carrying case is made of extremely strong copolymer with 2 latches and a pressure valve. The PC1520 waterproof case perfectly combines robustness and elegance. 

A secure case: foolproof protection

Your security cases regularly contain valuable goods or information that you need to protect such as important documents (confidential contracts, agreements...), media (USB keys, external hard drives, SD cards) and other valuables (passports, identity papers). 

The 1520 secure case has several certifications guaranteeing the impermeability and waterproofness of its contents. The protection tests certify the case IP67, thus a total sealing to the dust and authorizes an immersion until 1 meter of depth and during 30min. This impermeability is due to the EPDM O-ring seal. The depressurization valve keeps the contents intact by keeping a balanced pressure inside the case. 

Thanks to its great resistance to temperature differences from -40° to +100°, this case adapts easily to all hostile environments. Attention, it resists to strong heat but, is not fireproof, the fire being able to reach a temperature of 1200°, your contents cannot remain intact. However, it is possible to add a special fireproof coating for orders of 300 cases or more. 

An easy to use ABS closure with a handy opening mechanism gives you quick access to your material. 

The assurance of a damage-free transport of your material

The case is made of high-strength polyethylene and is therefore extremely resistant to shocks and vibrations. Certified STANAG 4280 and DEF-STAN 8141, this case meets the military standards adopted by NATO countries.

The security case is available with a standard honeycomb foam cut into small cubes in order to create cavities of the size of your choice, to accommodate your sensitive objects.

Customizable carrying cases

All our cases are customizable. There are several customization options (not all available on all models): 

  • Branding: It is possible to put your logo on your case to promote your brand image
  • Custom foam machining: this foam is denser and more resistant than the pre-cut foam you find in the classic option. 
  • Foam padding: this thin coating glued to the inside walls leaves all the space in the case while protecting your objects.
  • Machined plate: this raw aluminum plate can be custom machined for all your uses, often used to install connectors

To know the conditions of the customization of your carrying cases, contact us directly.

Reinforced rings for a guaranteed security

All Peli cases have 2 reinforced rings in their 9mm diameter shells. Thus, in addition to the PUSH & PULL closures, you have the possibility to secure your case and its contents by inserting either 

  • A security seal: to authenticate the contents of the case, thanks to the tracking number indicated directly on the seal. However, this does not prevent the case from being opened but leaves a trace of the break-in.
  • A padlock: this product allows you to have total mobility of the transport case while locking the case.
  • A padlock + a security cable: this system allows you to connect the case to a fixed object and thus prevent any theft. The cable has a looped end and an armored steel end to accommodate the handle of the padlock. So, before locking the padlock, you simply loop the cable around a solid, fixed object, then pass the end of the cable through the shackle before locking the padlock. This solution allows you to attach the case to a fixed support: table, car trunk, counter, etc.
  • If you complete the previous system with a wall anchor, you ensure that the case cannot be stolen thanks to its resistance to being torn off at more than 2 tons.

In order to facilitate the management of the cases and their corresponding locks, we recommend the use of the pass key system or identical keys for the locks and/or cables. 

  • The pass key is a specific key that opens all locks. It is supplied in addition to the 2 standard keys included with the lock. It is also called master key. This key is sold separately only upon proof of purchase of the corresponding lock or cable.
  • The identical key is a system where all the keys provided are similar, and therefore allow to open all the padlocks of the same lock. This system is only available on request.

For more information about the different types of locks, I recommend you to read our article about key systems.


Data sheet

1 year
Largeur extérieure (cm)
External height (cm)
Body material
Maximum temperature (C°)
IP67 / MIL C-4150J / Def Stan 81-41 / STANAG 4280

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Intérieur With foam Ref. SEP-MSP-PC1520

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Intérieur Without foam Ref. SEP-MSP-PCE1520

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5 388 € 388 € 388 € 388 € 388 € 388 €
10 338 € 338 € 338 € 338 € 338 € 338 €

Intérieur With dividers Ref. SEP-MSP-PCWD1524

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1 628 €
5 579 €
10 504 €

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