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SATO CT4-LX RFID Thermal Transfer Label Printer

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the printer

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  • Reads and encodes UHF chips
  • Improve traceability with your RFID tags 
  • High performance 
  • Adapts to all your premises

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With our RFID thermal transfer label printer, you will be able to read and encode RFID labels easily and consistently. Print your own high-end smart labels directly on your premises. The printing quality of your labels is close to the quality of our labels proposed on our site.

A compact, high-performance label printer

Our label printer with an RFID system combines exceptional performance with an ideal size with its compact format, which adapts to each of your premises. The RFID printer can reach a printing speed of up to 203 mm /s. Therefore, you can easily and quickly print custom labels according to your needs.

The CT4-LX RFID printer has a resolution of 203 and 305 dpi, which can not only print RFID labels on rolls, but also print smart labels individually according to your needs.

This printer can print many types of alphanumeric fonts and 1D and 2D barcodes. The maximum width of custom smart labels is 104mm, so you can use this label printer to print various types of RFID labels.

It has a 4.3" color touch screen, 31 display languages for menu and printing. All this makes the use of your RFID thermal transfer label printer quick and easy.

Radio frequency identification: the key option of the printer

The radio frequency identification function on this printer plays a key role, it can offer greater flexibility, data storage capacity, much higher data collection throughput, greater accuracy. This UHF RFID printer encodes and prints your labels easily and quickly.  This printer reads UHF chips.

The RFID option allows retailers to improve traceability by relabelling products with RFID tags. In addition, this printer meets the following communication standards: ISO/IEC 18000-63.

For a better understanding , please see our article "RFID in 10 points"

The RFID printer can read and encode labels consistently, but usually requires separate configuration settings. With your printer, the labels are written, read and checked before each printing start. If a defect appears on one of the smart labels, the printer will mark the RFID label in question with a message describing a faulty label and then move on to the next label. This guarantees reliability. The printer prints and encodes your labels according to your needs, whether it’s 500 labels encoded with the same identifier or one by one.

Equipped with the SATO rf analyze function, it can automatically read and encode RFID tags for fast and stable encoding.

The SATO rf analyze

The operation of this motorised RFID antenna system on 2 axes ( X & Y), allows you to easily and quickly find the optimal reading and writing position for this printer. Thus you will be able to encode the RFID tags in the best possible way, whatever their size, design and position in the final label. 

Thus, you can easily set up multiple label models or inlays by saving their settings in profiles and loading them according to the consumable model installed in the printer.

After configuring an RFID tag, the SATO rf analyze function adjusts the read and write conditions according to the RFID tag you wish to use. This SATO rf analyze function will automatically move the standard RFID product antenna to measure the RFID tags and determine the conditions for writing and reading them consistently.

The results of the measurement are applied immediately to the product. In addition, by saving them as a template for the RFID tag, you can easily access the parameters when using the same smart label.

What is an RFID tag for and where is it used? 

By creating smart labels, you will be able to simply identify whether it is a product or an object so that readers can be used to detect the object and ensure its traceability. Thus, you will be able to identify a product in transit, to trace in a warehouse or a store, to ensure a good follow-up...

Smart labels are most commonly used in industry, supply chain management, logistics, retail, inventory management ... Of course, RFID tags can be used in any industry.

Your printer is delivered with a power cord, a user manual and various necessary certificates, such as the warranty.

Options and accessories:

Option / Accessory *DescriptionPrice
Cutter This allows precise and individual cutting of cardboard adhesive labels as well as continuous printing and cutting of labels. 181 €
Linerless kit This kit allows you to print labels without support. This type of label saves money and reduces waste. 645€
Distributor kit It allows the removal of the personalised label for immediate application. 132 €
Real time clock Adding an internal clock to the industrial label printer allows the user to print an additional variable, date and time on the label. 95 €

* Please contact us for a quotation.


Data sheet

the printer
1 year
Direct thermal and thermal transfer
3,4 kg
178 x 238 x 214 mm
Print speed
203 mm/s
203 dpi and 305 dpi
ISO/IEC 18000-63
Max. roll diameter
115 mm
Diameter of the ribbon mandrel
12,7 mm
Diameter of the roll core
40 mm
Outside width of the ribbon
44 - 111 mm
outside width of the roll
22 - 115 mm
Types of tags read

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