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Our QR code labels for your inventories

All our inventory labels that usually contain barcodes are now usable in the form of QR code asset labels, Datamatrix and most 2D codes. These QR code tags will be created with variable coding, sequential numbering, a simple identification number or more complex information like a URL, also variable (file to be supplied). 

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the roll of 1000

The objective of the VOID asset label is to help you perform an inventory with reliable barcode labels, that effectively secure your goods, and at a...

QR code tags: store more information in your labels

Take advantage of the huge benefits of QR code asset labels that make it possible to code much more information than a simple barcode in order to identify your property and facilitate your inventories, as well as the traceability of your products. A security specialist, SBE Direct offers you several effective solutions for the identification and safety of your property, including the most recent ones such as datamatrix labels.

With this in mind, we use many processes to customize your inventory labels:

  • QR code, Datamatrix code, 2D code
  • Barcodes EAN 13, 39, 2/5... 
  • Clear sequential numbering in plain text, double sequential, unique identifiers, etc
  • Etc.

Like all our unfalsifiable security labels, our QR code asset tags provide significant resistance to scratches, abrasion and extreme temperatures. In addition, these are ultra-destructible PVC labels.

Thanks to SBE Direct, you can take advantage of several solutions to benefit from the advantages of QR code asset labels. Firstly, we take into account your needs and can customize the labels as you wish.

If you want to customize your own media, we can provide you with several printers and ribbons for thermal transfer. This technique allows you to easily apply a QR code, a barcode or a logo to your QR code inventory tags.

After estimating the quantities you need, SBE Direct offers you sliding scale tariffs thanks to economies of scale achieved during the production phase. You also benefit from numerous guarantees for your purchases of QR code asset tags.

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