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Almost 12% of computers are reported lost in the workplace each year *. Reduce the risk of the disappearance of your laptops in your business through this range of anti-theft cables that will safely guard your hardware.

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Colored, very light, economical, fine and practical anti-theft laptop cable, to carry with you everyday. This anti-theft cable for laptop is an extremely...
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Discover the Multi-head laptop security cable. This PC-laptop antitheft cable is ideal for securing multiple notebooks and laptops simultaneously. The...
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Safe-Tech laptop antitheft cable This antitheft cable for laptop is a very effective solution to protect your laptop, notebook and other electronic devices....

Laptop Anti-theft Cables: the safest mechanical means to protect your laptop

Thanks to their steel composition, these laptop cable locks give your computer hardware a pull resistance of several hundred kilos. Combined with an indestructible wall anchorage, your computer weighs 1 ton.

Adaptable for Macbooks
A Safe-Tech® security slot is available to adapt an anti-theft cable to laptops that do not have Kensington type slot.

Different types of laptop anti-theft cables for different uses

This range of laptop cables meets different needs, in order to protect your computer equipment under various circumstances:

  • Ultra-light and eco-friendly, to protect your equipment during
  • high-security displacement, the lock is reinforced in multi-head shielded
  • steel, allowing to secure several computers simultaneously
  • combination, to free itself from key management