Etiquette pictogramme CLP personnalisée
  • Etiquette pictogramme CLP personnalisée
  • Etiquette pictogramme CLP personnalisée

Custom CLP label

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The roll of 1000 labels

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  • Dangerous chemical substances/mixtures.
  • Customization in compliance with CLP standard.
  • Display of danger warnings and safety advice.
  • Enhance safety related to use and handling.
  • Resistant and protected self-adhesive.

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In order to provide safety and harmonization, the labeling of products and chemical mixtures has been made mandatory since June 1, 2015. The display of hazard pictograms should be universally in compliance with European CLP and global SGH regulations.

To reinforce the safety related to the use of these products, CLP custom labels must be designed with warning pictograms as well as legal notices of danger and safety advice.

CLP/SGH standards for universal hazard pictograms.

These new CLP symbols will replace the squared and orange pictograms determined by the previous legislation. This new regulation is mandatory since December 2010 for «substances», and also applies to «mixtures» from June 1, 2015 in all member states of the European Union. This new CLP rule definitively supersedes the pre-existing classification and is the European reference text for the application of the «Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling (GHS) » internationally.

For more information, please visit the INRS official website.

Durable and enhanced safety

These custom CLP self-adhesives are made with highly resistant vinyl which ensures its durability. The labels are available in packs of 25 pieces. They easily stick to any surface in order to effectively avoid risks related to the handling of products containing dangerous chemical mixtures or substances.

Customization of your labels in compliance with CLP official regulation

Create custom-made labels for legal classification recommended by the CLP regulation.

The custom CLP labels are available in 3 sizes ( 74 x 52 mm, 105 x 74mm, 148 x 105mm). You can customize them as per your requirements, while determining the formatting and availability of information. The addition of barcodes or QR codes is also possible without additional processing costs.

The legal notices used on the substances that should be displayed on the base are as follows:

  • Supplier name
  • Product name
  • Hazard signs
  • Warning note
  • Danger note
  • And precautionary measures

You can download «label kit for chemical products» from our website, containing all the notes that should be displayed on the base. These documents can be accessed from our download area.

The CLP pictograms


Water- danger-pictogram
Danger to water resources

Do not release into the environment - the substance may cause long-term adverse effects in aquatic organisms. This pictogram is displayed on pesticides, biocidal products, gasoline and turpentine.

Gas under pressure

Pictogram dedicated to gas containers under pressure or refrigerated that cause risks of burning or explosion under the effect of heat.

oxidizing- substances-pictogramSP-SI-SGH03
Oxidizing substances

May cause or aggravate a fire. This symbol appears on bleach and oxygen for medical use.

Corrosive substances

Corrosive to metal and skin, this symbol is represented on unblocking products, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, etc.

pictogram-explosive-substances SP-SI-SGH01
Explosive substances

Intended to warn about risks of explosion, this symbol is always displayed on ammunition and the fireworks.

Flammable substances

For extremely combustible products such as lamp oil, petrol, nail polish remover.

pictogram-mutagenic-respiratory-carcinogenic or reprotoxic risksSP-SI-SGH08
Pictogram for mutagenic, respiratory, carcinogenic or reprotoxic risks

Very detrimental effects on the individual (damages the respiratory tract, serious effects on the organs, can harm fertility and the fetus). Imperatively affixed to turpentine, gasoline, and lamp oil.

Category 4 acute toxicity

Generally displayed on detergents, cleaning products and cooling fluids, this pictogram alerts the user of the hazards associated with the product in the event of inhalation, absorption, contact with the skin or eyes and its harmful impact on the environment.

Category 1,2,3 acute toxicity

This pictogram is categorical, the substance present causing fatal dangers if inhaled, swallowed or in case of contact with skin or eyes. It is present on all pesticides, biocidal products and methanol.


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The roll of 1000 labels
1 year
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General resistance
Humidity, UV, cleaning, oil, solvent.
74 x 52mm - 105 x 74mm - 148 x 105mm
Tear resistance

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The roll of 1000 labels

In order to provide safety and harmonization, the labeling of products and chemical mixtures has been made mandatory since June 1, 2015. The display of...

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