Bracelet hopital mère-enfant
  • Bracelet hopital mère-enfant

Mother-child hospital wristband

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  • Non-transferable fastening system
  • Sturdy
  • Safe to use
  • Customizable

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mother-child-hospital-wristbandThe mother-child hospital wristbandensures complete security of patients during their stay in the maternity ward. The consecutive numbering is identical on each of the two wristbands (one for the mother, the other for the infant) thus eliminating all likelihood of confusion. Patient identification ensuressecurity and traceability that are of great importance in the hospital center. Non-transferable, this monitoring medical wristband is highly resistant to water, soap and cleaning products.

blank-mother-child-hospital-wristband-fasteningA non-transferable attachment system

The fastening system of this hospital identification wristband ensures unmatched security. This wristband can be fastened at the wrist through a simple snap button that is impossible to remove once it is clipped. This security measure ensures that the wristband cannot be opened unless the person cuts it or breaks it, thus making it unusable.

blank-mother-child-hospital-identification-wristbandA sturdy hospital security wristband

This vinyl wristband has a double layer that makes it resistant to all harsh external conditions. The mother-child hospital wristband is thus resistant to humidity, water and common cleaning products. Moreover, thanks to its vinyl composition, the hospital wristband retains its shape.

Safe to use

The adult/child security wristband has been specifically designed to make it safe to use for adults as well as for children/infants. There is minimum risk of discomfort.

A customizable identification wristband

The identification wristband with a writing panel lets you manually write the necessary information with the help of an indelible pen, for example, the patient's name.

We also give you the option of sticking VOID security labels on the hospital wristbands. These labels can be printed using the Sato CG2 printer. Since the label is tamper-resistant, this second method is a more effective way of noting down information that will help to identify the patient, thus enhancing security. Any attempt to remove the label is discouraged thanks to the word "VOID" that remains on the writing panel. This proves to be an additional security measure that complements the security system mentioned above.

It is usually available in white, but other colors are also available for orders starting from 20 boxes. Contact us.


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D236 E046 F046
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Adulte: 240x25mm Enfant: 170x20mm
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Adulte: 70x25mm Enfant: 50x20mm

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