Etiquette polyester double-adhésif 3M protégée pré-découpée pré-imprimée
  • Etiquette polyester double-adhésif 3M protégée pré-découpée pré-imprimée
  • Etiquette polyester double-adhésif 3M protégée pré-découpée pré-imprimée
  • Etiquette polyester double-adhésif 3M protégée pré-découpée pré-imprimée

3M protected pre-printed pre-cut double-sided polyester label

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  • Ultra-resistant
  • Strong adhesive
  • Harsh environments

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Do you want a barcode label with a double function, for your equipment and for your files, and colored? Our 3M protected pre-cut pre-printed double-adhesive polyester label has been designed for you.

This is the best flexible barcode label that enables you to identify all your stock, both IT equipment as well as movable goods, and at a very attractive price! Its 3M double thickness acrylic adhesive provides an exceptional hold on all types of surfaces, especially on rough surfaces, thus making it a formidable inventory label, owing to its effectiveness and its premium quality finish.

This customized polyester barcode label is composed of several layers to deliver unmatched performance

This pre-printed polyester label is composed of several layers that bind together during manufacturing to give a premium finished product :

- The high density double thickness acrylic adhesive provides an excellent hold on all types of surfaces, especially on rough surfaces. It is also perfectly suited to difficult conditions caused by inclement weather or sunlight. Manual removal is very difficult.
- The metallic or white polyester surface helps to highlight the information and logos that are printed in high resolution.
- The 50 microns thick, bright, transparent, polyester protective layer perfectly protects all the information printed on the surface. The information is legible and does not deteriorate over time. Your goods are thus authenticated for a long time.

The performance of this 3M barcode label is unmatched : 3M protected pre-printed pre-cut double adhesive polyester label is resistant to rough handling and chemicals (gasoline, hydrocarbons...), solvents, cleaning products, humidity, temperatures ranging from -55° to +155°, UV radiation, abrasion and mold.

The special feature of this polyester barcode label: double identification

This customized polyester label has a vertical pre-cut on its right that repeats one of the information chosen from the main part (inventory number, file name, date...) This is very practical for double identification, the first for the goods, the other, for example, for the corresponding folder.

A customized polyester double-adhesive label !

Enhance the brand image of your company by displaying fixed or variable information (logos, texts, numbering and/or barcodes...) in 1,2 or 3 colors. The customized barcode label certifies the ownership of the labeled equipment. You will thus acquire a superior quality customized label, owing to its fine print quality that can be compared to a 1200 dpi Laser printer and for its compliance with the colors of your graphic charter. All the Pantone colors are possible.

Reprinting your sequential numbering is an option for all customized labels.
We offer a standard size (50 + 10)x20 mm. Other types of cuts and detachable stubs are available upon request.

Plate costs are to be expected for orders starting from 1000 labels only for the first order.

Make an accurate estimate of your quantities to take advantage of our highly discounted bulk rates on these barcode labels.

The announced delivery time is effective after press proof approval.


Data sheet

le rouleau de 1000
Par rouleaux de 1000
1 an
Code catalogue
A007 B007 C018 D018 E117 F117
Très puissant
Transfert Thermique / Numérique
Résistance de l'impression
Optimum / Protégée
Résistance générale
(50 + 10) x 20 mm

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