What is the purpose of a company badge?

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Companies are optimising the security of their employees, premises and equipment by adopting effective devices such as badges. The badge is increasingly used and in some cases is even mandatory. This PVC access card has 3 main uses, allowing the security of goods and people within the premises.

Identification of persons

The first use of a badge is to identify people entering and leaving the premises. Employees or visitors are therefore obliged to wear a badge on the company premises in order to verify their identity. The following information must appear on the badge: surname, first name, job title, company name, number or barcode, date of entry if required. Our badges are available in 86x54mm, the ideal size to fit in a wallet or badge holder. Identifying a person makes it easier to get in touch and ensures a sense of belonging to the company.

People ID also tracks your employees' time and attendance using RFID technology and the person's ID number. This makes it possible to justify working time and thus facilitate the work of Human Resources. In addition, these badges can be used to store credits and count them when using a coffee machine, a photocopier, a company restaurant or to manage equipment reservations and access to personalised applications... etc.

Access control 

The second purpose follows from the first. Identifying people allows you to control entry and exit. If a person has a badge, he or she is authorised to access the premises. Access control is a strong security measure that reduces the risk of vandalism and damage.

At SBE we offer RFID badges and cards, a new technology, which consists of inserting a chip in the badge that can store a maximum of data. This chip can be read automatically from a distance by an RFID badge reader. This RFID equipment has the advantage of being less expensive and "contactless" is highly appreciated. To learn more about RFID, see our article "10 things to know about RFID".

Whichever type of badge you choose, you can optimise access control for your staff by using a badge reader that provides reliable and fast reading of badges when people enter or leave. Find out how a reader works and how to choose one in our blog post.

Company promotion

carte accès personnalisée

The third use of an access card is to promote the company. Indeed, it is an excellent way to convey your brand image, both internally and externally, with a badge personalised with your company colours and logo.

Discover our personalised front and back access cards, with high quality finishes.

You can also print your own badges using an A4 sheet of durable film badges, a specific printer and design software. This solution allows you to print your badges quickly and cheaply.

Ensure the durability of your badgeporte badge rigide

To prolong the life of your badge, it is important to protect your access card with a badge holder, rigid or flexible, or a badge protector. Your badge will be protected from external aggression and manipulation. These protections are complemented by neck straps or neckbands so that you can carry your badge with you. The risk of loss is greatly reduced and identification is easier.

To find out more about these accessories, see our article which details their uses.

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