The SBE mascot: Liloo

liloo le chat sbe

Initially, it seemed a bit odd having a cat at work, but we quickly got used to it and now Liloo is more than just a habit, she is indispensable. This small ball of fluff is a real ray of sunshine for everyone, both employees and customers alike. Just by being here she has made the atmosphere more friendly and family-like.


Liloo knows how to make us laugh. When we got her, when she was just a baby, she liked to stay on the staircase, sit on the steps to scratch her head, which obviously made her lose balance, making her fall to a lower step, which was quite funny to see.

Other times, when she saw a bird through the window, she became uncontrollable and began making a sound that was nothing like cat"s meow.

IMG_0851 12-2004

And then there was also her quarter of an hour of madness… Almost every day, she would run from the top to the bottom of the stairs in one go and slide along the floor like a rally car in the middle of a race. We had to watch her!

But she also had a very calm side to her, and we would watch her stretch out nobly on the desk or sleep wedged inside Liliane’s printer.

Liloo, our super mascot!

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