Best wishes for the new year

sbe wish you happy new year 2016

I join all my team in wishing you and your colleagues a wonderful 2016. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know the pleasure we have had to serving you this past year, hoping that, in return, you have also appreciated our active involvement.

Looking at 2015, I realise that we have achieved:

  • Secured more than 100,000 items of office equipment
  • Identified more than 1,000,000 items
  • Solved security and identification issues for more than 1,000 companies
  • Edited 1 brand new paper catalogue
  • Innovated and developed more than 30 new products
  • Catalogued more than 100 new items

I also wish you great happiness and success in your projects for 2016, well identified and secure of course.

Kind regards,

Philippe Escoffier-Gentile


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