The best tools to make your own inventory a success

inventory tools by sbe direct

An inventory of on-site mobile or computer assets cannot be improvised and requires rigorous methodology and adequate equipment. Here we offer you a selection of the simplest and most cost-effective tools so that you can efficiently carry out a simple, cheap inventory yourself.

To start with, barcode labels to stick to your property

Pre-printed: Choose your pre-printed barcode inventory labels from among the most efficient range on the market. For almost twenty years SBE has been the number one supplier to the largest French companies and public authorities. You have a wide choice of inventory labels, and we recommend:

  • Tear-proof labels: Reinforced polyethylene.
  • Unmovable labels to secure the inventory: Destructible PVC, VOID Polyester , TESA Acrylate.
  • Powerful adhesive labels: Double adhesive protected polyester 3 M.
  • Metal labels that are very hard to remove: 3 M aluminum plates.
  • Anti-theft/unremovable labels: SBE Anti-theft plate.

Print by yourself as needed: SBE also offers a range of small professional thermal transfer printers, suitable for all types of inventories. These devices print all the SBE label qualities and sizes, all types of barcodes, and interface directly with Clarilog Asset View (see page opposite).
Their thermal transfer technology ensures durability and exceptional printing quality (withstanding handling, UV, scratches, humidity, cleaning products)

  • TTH SATO CG 2 Printer : small, ideal for ad hoc inventories, very simple to use.
  • CAB Mach 4 printer: Professional German printer, with pleasant design, printing up to 600 dpi for printing logos or dense barcodes. Offered with several accessories.
  • Rolls of blank technical SBE labels: SBE provides you with the benefits of its know-how in terms of materials and adhesives optimized for sustainable inventories by offering you a range of rolls of blank labels adapted to the printers above. Available in 3 sizes suitable for inventories.

Also, one or more field survey tools.

A range of simple readers, all equipped with laser barcode readers, robust, and used by field inventory professionals.

  • For a simple inventory check: The Data Collector Ultra Light: standalone pocket laser reader (28 g) can collect 1,000 barcodes without recharging. The Data Collector Pro: standalone laser barcode reader with LCD control screen, small and light, 45 hours of battery life.
  • For an initial inventory and inventory review: DOLPHIN 6000 1D Laser Terminal, ultracompact terminal, lightweight (200 g) large tactile colour screen with Windows mobile 6.5. Wire communication, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Allows you to install successful owner applications to input barcodes such as Click & Stock Mobile (see below). DOLPHIN 6100 2D Laser Terminal: Mobile computer with advanced wireless data collection communication functions. Running on Windows CE 5.0, it allows the installation of successful owner or commercial applications for barcode entry such as Click & Stock Mobile (see below). 2D imagery and laser viewfinder.

Also a small piece of data collection software for the reader.

Click & Stock Mobile: Ultra-simple and cost-effective software to succeed barcode scanning in the field

The software is light and similar to Click & Stock PC.It installs on all terminals with Windows Mobile and Windows CE like Dolphin 6000 and 6110. It allows you to carry out a complete inventory on the ground or manage all stock movements easily and intuitively. It is based on a configurable database (click Click & Stock PC) synchronised with terminals at each connection. Once the PC base is configured and structured, it synchronizes with the mobile terminal which is ready to carry out collection. The data can be edited directly on the terminal as the barcodes have been collected on the terminal or on the PC. Once the data is consolidated and retrieved on Click & Stock PC, it can either be processed directly on the PC or exported to another inventory management software for goods or stock such as Clarilog.

A tool to manage your good after delivery

Once your inventory has been completed, and all your data has been collected on your PDA, you need a tool tailored to your needs to manage your properties, identify the configurations, follow up and make reconciliations. All the software we offer here can retrieve the information from the above-mentioned readers and integrate this information to their databases.

  • The simplest: Microsoft Excel. All the tools listed above are capable of exporting their data to Excel, and allow you if you wish to inform your database so that you can create in advance if your property management needs are light and simple.
  • Click & Stock PC, simple and cost-effective to easily manage your inventory or carry out stock taking.
  • Clarilog Asset View, for professional management of your IT or furniture.
  • Kimoce Asset Management, to ensure a high level of professional management of all your capital assets.

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