Security: an essential point for the organisation of an event


Organising an event is not an easy task, it is essential to define the retroplanning with the different stages well in advance. Among the different points to anticipate we find security, a mandatory element for the success of an event. In this article, we present you with the different security solutions that comply with legal requirements.

Whatever the nature and size of the event (cultural, sporting, professional, etc.), it is essential to be able to identify people and secure access to it. To do this, the organiser can ask himself several questions beforehand:

- Where is the event taking place?
- How many participants are expected?
- Should emergency services be called in?
- Should a security service be set up?

It is the organiser's responsibility to protect staff, volunteers and the public.

The essential measures for the security of an event

1) Take out insurance

You must take out insurance to cover all the people present, as well as the equipment and venue used.

2) Check the venue

Check the capacity of the venue you wish to hold using the Construction and Housing Code. Here are the different categories into which establishments receiving the public (ERP) are classified.

- 1st category: over 1500 people
- 2nd category: from 701 to 1500 people
- 3rd category: from 301 to 700
- 4th category: up to 300 people

For an indoor event, you must refer to this Code but also to the Safety Regulations provided by the owner.

3) Carry out fire prevention

You must check the presence of fire extinguishers and the electrical systems. In the case of a temporary installation, this must be checked and approved. 

4) Check accessibility

Your event must be easy to access, particularly with emergency exits, access ramps and a good dimensioning of the passages in order to avoid crowd movements and allow evacuation in the event of danger. In addition, the venue must be adapted for people with reduced mobility.

5) Provide security teams

In the case of a gathering of more than 1500 people, a provisional emergency response system (DPS) must be set up, with an emergency station manned by an approved civil security association (e.g. Red Cross).

Within the framework of the VIGIPIRATE plan, certain security measures are mandatory. You can call on security agents to check tickets, check the contents of bags, set up security barriers and carry out a search. A surveillance system can also be put in place with cameras to monitor large events where the risk of incident is higher.

Receptionists can then receive participants and check their identity, distribute badges and record attendance on a register. SBE Direct can help you identify your event organizers and attendees with a wide range of badges, badge holders, ties, neckbands and silicone wristbands for distribution. We present you these products just below.

A wide range of people identification products

We help you implement people identification and flow control with a variety of products.

badge évènementiel

- PVC access cards:

You can distribute to your guests a personalised access card with your logo, barcode, date, identity of the person so that it is recognised immediately at the entrance. Example: 2 day pass in an amusement park. This card reinforces your brand image and becomes a souvenir for the participant.

- RFID cards and badges:

These state-of-the-art identification products allow data to be stored and retrieved remotely using a reader. This makes the check-in much faster than manual check-in and reduces queuing. In addition, they can be used as an electronic purse by transferring money to them and paying with them. 

- Badge holdersclips and lanyardstour de cou

In addition to a badge, you can hand out a badge holder and a neck strap that allow people to wear their badge and identify them quickly. This also prevents people from losing their badges and therefore protects them from the risk of usurpation and duplication of the pass. Choose our neckbands, pins or reels to distribute with your badges. These can be fully personalised with the colour of your choice, your logo, text, etc.

Wristbands for events

We also offer wristbands, ideal for promoting your event and controlling access quickly. They allow you to identify at a glance a participant and his category if there is one (VIP, artist box, backstage...ect). Choose a vinyl wristband that closes with a plastic tamper-proof snap, intended for single use. Our tyvek wristbands are also suitable for short term use with their adhesive and permanent closure. Finally, we also have silicone and fabric wristbands, which are easily slipped on to the wrist. They are durable and can be kept as a souvenir by the participants. All our wristbands can be personalised with the colours of your event and with the information of your choice (logo, text, barcode, QR code...ect)

Just like badges, there are also RFID wristbands, with a radio-frequency chip, which allows you to control access but also to put money on it and pay for your drinks with it.

Quickly identify people with a badge reader

lecteur badge

At SBE direct we offer magnetic and RFID badge readers. They save time in the identification process, as you only need to pass the badge or wristband a few centimetres or even metres from the reader to be recognised. Thanks to their USB connection, the data is automatically restored in an access control software or Excel. This means that only a few people are needed to control access.

douchette code barre

If you don't have RFID or magnetic cards, you can opt for a barcode reader that scans cards, labels with a barcode/QR code.

This type of reader also has a fast reading speed and allows for automated data recording. This makes it possible to have reliable data and to analyse it.

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