NEW: UV printing on our synthetic labels

Ultraviolet technology is becoming more and more widespread. Our new security papers all contain UV ink that is invisible to the naked eye. And for good reason, it's an elegant security that's difficult to replicate. But papers are not the only products that can have this security. Since the end of October 2021, SBE Direct also offers the option of invisible UV ink printing on some of our synthetic labels.

What is UV printing and how does it work?

UV ink is very special: it is an ink that is invisible to the naked eye under normal conditions but shows its message under UV light. It only reacts under ultraviolet light, i.e. 360nm light. This UV ink is also called fluorescent ink, because it turns a neon colour under black light. 

The phenomenon of UV ink is due to the process of absorption of light at a certain wavelength and immediate re-emission at another wavelength. As a result, the colour appears more intense to the eye.  

These inks are also known as anti-copy inks: their fluorescent colour will not show up on a photocopy or scan and it will be easy to identify a fake document. 

At SBE Direct we offer a UV ink that turns blue under ultraviolet light.

Which labels are covered by this printing? 

Label printing is only available on certain labels because UV resin ink does not hold on all surfaces. Here is the list of labels that are : 

How can UV printing be used on labels? 

UV printing is added to the personalisation already available on the above-mentioned labels. It is already possible to print in black or in colour and to put fixed information such as a logo or text, but also variable information such as QR codes or barcodes. 

UV inks make a product unique and more secure. The label can conceal information directly on the label, such as a serial number. With the help of a UV lamp, you can prove that the product to which the label is attached is your property. It is therefore an effective and very affordable anti-fraud measure.

UV ink is invisible on glossy synthetic labels. We only offer this option on a glossy finish which makes the resin ink almost undetectable. On matt labels such as our seals, the resin ink is clearly visible as it shines on the matt material. example uv colour label printing

example uv printed labels

What are the advantages of UV printing? 

Labels with UV printing allow for unique and original products. 

UV ink allows you to increase the level of security on your security or non-security labels. It allows certain information to be hidden directly on the label and reinforces its forgery-proof nature. Without a UV lamp, it is difficult to decipher what is behind the UV ink that is invisible in natural light. 

UV inks are often known to be more resistant to abrasion, physical aggression (scratches, rubbing, etc.) and also to bad weather: UV rays from the sun, rain, etc. 

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