Identify in a sustainable way your goods with barcode labels

barcode labels sbe direct

SBE uncovers a wide range of adhesive barcode labels. This is the best way of identifying your property and goods.These solutions are very important for stock, display of property, traceability and identification of goods. There are many possible labelling solutions which are suitable for very specific requirements:

SBE can help you find the barcode label you need, which matches your needs and suits your budget.

Each of these barcode labels will help you identify your property even in difficult environments such as hospitals, laboratories, outdoors, industry, etc.

The barcode labels are perfectly printed thanks to high definition numerical printing, fixed or sequential to offer you the best labels on the market. There are many possible types of barcode labels: 2/5 interlaced codes, EAN-13 codes, 39 Codes, 128 Codes, ISBN codes, ISSN codes for the most common.

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