How do I print a roll of labels?

roll of labels

Inventory, stock management, material identification, marketing tools... Professional labels can be indispensable in any sector of activity. That's why label rolls allow you to print your personalised labels in large quantities. Two methods are available to you, printing by a professional or printing by yourself.

Why choose roll labels ?

Roll labels have the advantage that they can be used in various fields of activity with difficult conditions using chemicals, solvents, greasy products or even extreme temperature variations. Thus, they can be glued to all types of surfaces and materials such as bottles, cans, tubes, jars and supports of all kinds (metal, plastic, glass, wood, etc.).

To suit your use and your needs, you can easily choose the desired material (white paper, thermal paper, PP film, PE film, Polyester...), type of printing, colour, finish (matt, glossy, opaque), shape (rectangular, round, oval, free form), format, winding direction, type of adhesive, diameter of the core adapted to your printer. 

These labels can be used for classic purposes such as inventory labelling, identification of materials and they can also be a communication tool and can for example be used to close a gift wrapping and include a message, a website, a logo.

In addition, a roll of labels allows you to print labels quickly and in larger quantities than in sheets. It is also more convenient to carry and to peel off the labels and apply them to a support. It is a simple and effective tool with a very good price/quality ratio.

Which roll labels to choose ?

There are several label materials to suit all types of needs and environments. You can choose between paper, vinyl, polyester or polypropylene labels. In addition, there are several effects and colours such as matt white, glossy, opaque, fluorescent, metallic...etc.

At SBE we offer polypropylene and polyester destructible labels in rolls of 1000, 3000, 5000 blank labels for thermal transfer printers. Particularly appreciated by professionals for inventory, these labels are of high quality and durable thanks to their 3 layers of material including a strong permanent adhesive. These labels are resistant to frequent handling, extreme temperatures, solvents and chemicals. The advantage of our destructible labels and VOID labels is that they are fraud-proof due to the transfer of the label onto the substrate in the event of being torn off, thus preventing any attempt at tampering.

According to your method of squaring, manual or automated, and the layout of your products, it is essential to choose the right direction of winding of your labels.

Indeed, there are 2 directions of winding of a roll of labels. 

  • the outside winding: the adhesive labels are stuck on the outside of the reel when it is unwound.
  • Internal winding: the adhesive labels are stuck on the internal side of the roll when it is unwound.

In addition, the direction of the adhesive labels when unwinding the roll:

  • Right front: the right side of your label is positioned at the front of the roll. 
  • left front: the left side is positioned at the front of the roll
  • front foot : the label is straight, in the unwinding direction
  • front head: the label is upside down when the roll is unwound

When adhesive labels contain text, the terms "end of front text" and "beginning of front text" can be used depending on the arrangement of the text when the roll is unwound.

These labels can be stuck to any clean surface thanks to their strong adhesive. See our article for tips on how to apply a label permanently.

Where to print your labels on a roll ?

You can call on a professional to print your personalised labels but you can also do it yourself on your premises by having a label printer and creation software at your disposal to personalise your labels in one click. You are free to print the information of your choice on your adhesive labels, it can be the name of the product, the name of the owner, a bar code, a serial number, a date, a logo, text...ect. 

The advantage of professional label printing is that you can create labels in specific shapes with a non-varying label design, in several colours and with a fixed visual, in large quantities and of high quality. 

When printing with your own label printer, only one colour is used, i.e. only one ink ribbon and a maximum resolution of 609 dpi. This option is suitable for creating labels with a lot of variable data such as barcodes, QR codes, sequential numbers, etc. This solution will save you money and time. Read our article to find out more about label printing.

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