Professional adhesive labels: print them yourself or have them printed?

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Adhesive labels can have many roles in a company: they can help identify a product for inventory and logistics identification, but labels can also have a communicative purpose, to convey a brand image. In any field, labels are a wise choice to inventory or communicate. 

You have two options: you can print your own custom product labels with the information, codes, numbers and logos you want, or you can hire a label professional. 

What to choose between producing your own labels and using a professional? 

In this article, we will help you to choose between these two options as well as explain you how to choose these rolls of labels for a printing at home, in your premises.

1. Determine the use of the adhesive labels 

Before choosing where to print your labels you need to determine the nature and purpose of the label. There are two main categories of use for adhesive labels: 

- A label on a roll is for inventory, logistics or medical use, i.e. you want labels with fixed or variable information (logosnumbering and/or barcode, characteristics).

- A label is for marketing use when the aim is to reinforce your company's brand image by including your logo (black printing without screen) on the professional self-adhesive personalized labels.

2. The visuals to appear on your self-adhesive labels on rolls

Professional roll printing has the advantage of creating labels with specific shapes and a label design that does not vary, but with multiple colors, high quantity and high quality.

Like printing with your own label printer, the printing is done with only one color and therefore only one ink ribbon and a maximum resolution of 609dpi. This option is suitable for the creation of labels with a lot of variable data such as barcodes, QR codes, sequential numbers...

In summary, for special label formats, very large quantities with multiple colors and/or a fixed visual, we recommend you to choose a professional label printer. This is the most economical solution for this situation. For this, we recommend that you consult our product sheet on professional stickers which allows you to choose the size and format you want.

If you want labels with always the same size, one color printing, variable data and several small prints, it is advisable to buy a label printer with the appropriate rolls and ribbons. 

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