Christmas 2011

christmas with sbe team 2011

I get the impression there were a few more of us than in 2005…

And yes, things change in 6 years… some have left, others have arrived and then there are those who are still here, so all the better for everyone to meet! That night, we went to a creperie, but first let"s toast to our reunion.

It was an opportunity for Mr. Escoffier to discover a Caribbean aperitif…he had a little trouble passing on this one! Which has earned us a good laugh and a souvenir photo which speaks wonders.

We met Hervric (right, behind Liliane) who had just joined the SBE team and we also had the pleasure of welcoming Eunhye, our boss’ wife, and to meet Anaïs, their pretty little princess aged 3 months (in the centre of the photo).

For those I did not mention and who were not present for the 2005 photo, there is Jean-Co (in blue), Loïc (just behind, who comes out of his small head), Philippe (behind Mr. Escoffier in green) and Virginie with her legendary smile, not to mention Mr. Vo on the left, who Accompanied Liliane.

We had a nice evening with lots of laughs! I think that the phrase "the more the merrier," is perfectly apt for SBE.

Next family meeting in 2012…

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