Data Collector Pro OPL 9725 OSE
  • Data Collector Pro OPL 9725 OSE
  • Data Collector Pro OPL 9725 OSE
  • Data Collector Pro OPL 9725 OSE

Data Collector Pro OPL 9725 OSE

672.00 Tax excluded
Tax excluded Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines
  • Simple to use
  • 1 touch keyboard activation
  • IrDa interface
  • Battery life of 200 hours


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This stand-alone OPL 9725 OSE data collector is the ideal tool for your inventories with barcode reading. Its unbeatable price makes it an asset for your internal strategy.

OPL 9725 readerThis mini barcode reader is highly productive

This wireless barcode reader is a very easy-to-use laser reader. It has a single button to activate the laser reader, making it easy to use. With a scan rate of 100 scans per second, its laser is of incomparable quality and speed. Internal software is provided with the OPL 9725 data collector giving the possibility to scan 1D barcodes.

This wireless barcode reader is unobtrusive

This Opticon OPL 9725 OSE mini barcode reader, is of interest because of its very small size (125 x 42 x 19 mm) and its very light weight (85g) allowing you to carry it anywhere with complete ease. This wireless barcode reader has an IP54 rating, with protection against dust and falls, allowing risk-free outdoor use. A technology resistant to physical and thermal shocks: resists falls of 1.5 m and temperatures ranging from – 10 °C to 50 °C.

CRD 9723 cradle for OPL 9725

This mini barcode reader has simple and practical connectors.

We may add that combined with the CRD-9723 cradle, it can communicate with a PC using an RS-2323C or RS-485 interface, while recharging at the same time. The internal clock of the Opticon OPL 9725 OSE gives the possibility to manage the date and time of reading barcodes (with programming). The OPL9725-OSE is equipped with a RAM memory capacity of 128KB allowing for rapid transmission of data.

Technical Characteristics:

• Memory: 512KB and 128KB RAM
• 1-button keyboard to activate reading
• Reading rate of 100 scans/sec
• IP54 protection
• Resistance: fall of 1.5m on concrete and temperatures of -10°C to 50°C
• Weight 85g
• 2-year guarantee


Data sheet

le terminal
à l'unité
1 an
Code catalogue
A046 B046 C041 D047 E009 F009
100 scans/sec
Résistance aux températures
-5°C à 40°C
200 heures

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