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Blank Radio Frequency Anti-Theft Label

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  • An affordable high tech product
  • To secure your products against theft
  • Proven reliability
  • Customizable print option available

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The radio frequency antitheft label is mainly used by major retailers, since it can be easily affixed to books, CDs, DVDs and video games. This reliable and discreet sticker is also ideal for ready-made fashion stores that need to secure their garments and accessories from shoplifting, as well as perfume and cosmetic products.

Rafio frequency antitheftAn effective protection against theft

Not only discreet, but also reliable and effective, this antitheft sticker with radio frequency (8.2 Mhz) is widely used in the market. It works on all on all Checkpoint/Meto detection antennas and with this technology. It is sold in activated state, but can be deactivated.

Typically, RF tags are affixed to the product packaging. To prevent the product from ringing when the customer passes through the gates, there are two solutions: 

- the RF label is stuck on a detachable packaging of the product at the checkout (often the case for video games and small technological objects) 

- The label is directly on the product and must be deactivated at the checkout with a deactivation plate (passing at about 5cm is enough)

Radio frequency labels are easy to use and ready to use. The number of labels per roll differs according to the size chosen, here is a summary table: 

Size of the labelNumber of labels/roll
31x32mm 2 000
40x40mm 2000
50x50mm 1 000

Customization of the antitheft sticker

Upon request, we offer the possibility of printing these labels with a logo, for example, for fixed information, but it is also possible to print variable information such as barcodes, price or serial numbers.

We have a wide range of radio frequency labels since we offer the standard size (40x40mm), but also a more compact size (31x32mm) that will be perfectly suitable for even the smallest objects without hiding any information. We also offer a larger format (50x50mm).


Data sheet

the roller
1 year
Powerful sticker
31x32mm, 40x40mm, 50x50mm

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Format 40 x 40 mm Ref. MSEC-EA-RF

Quantités Prix € HT
Without printing
Prix € HT
Black print
1 97 € 230 €

Format 31 x 32 mm Ref. MSEC-EA-RF31

Quantités Prix € HT
Without printing
Prix € HT
Black print
1 112 € 216 €

Format 50 x 50 mm Ref. MSEC-EA-RF50

Quantités Prix € HT
Without printing
Prix € HT
Black print
1 81 € 255 €

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