laptops & tablets charging station
    • laptops & tablets charging station

    Laptops & Tablets Charging Station

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    • Between the reinforced cabinet and the safe
    • Up to 20 laptops / 40 tablets
    • Charging cart


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    A strong, high-security cabinet that ensures the security and protection of your belongings

    A safe / charging cart with a high level of safety

    This storage safe offers you excellent protection and allows you to secure your computer equipment very easily. In fact, this safe, made up of steel with 2 mm thickness, provides a very good level of protection against aggressions. The reinforced locking is done at 4 points (2 left, 1 top, 1 bottom). The charging cart is locked by means of a mechanical lock. However, you can also use an electronic lock. This safe has 20 integrated power outlets of 220V so that you can recharge your computer equipment easily even when they are stored. However, it is possible to add 10 optional extra power outlets for more flexibility. It has ventilation grids that guarantee the ventilation and cooling of the cabinet during recharge of the appliances.

    A charging cart suitable for your daily use

    This safe allows you to store and charge up to 20 laptops and 40 mini-laptops or tablets and is available in 2 models:

    shelf-safe-laptops-tablets - A model with 20 shelves.

    - A model comprising 20 lockable individual compartments of 620x354x440mm each. The compartments of the cart are equipped with individual locks with 2 keys. Master keys capable of opening all compartments are also provided.

    power outlet-safe-laptops-tablets The 2 models of this safe also have the option of an ideal thermostatic ventilation system if you want to have computers stored in running state, for example, for overnight updates. This option is available on quotation (consult us).

    lock-safe-laptops - tablets in series, the safe is equipped with a highly secured key lock. However, an optional electronic lock is available. This electronic lock has a master code and a capacity of 9 user codes, it is certified and meets multiple security standards (Vds class 2, EN1300 class B in particular) Numerous configuration options are available on the charging cart. For detailed documentation, click here.

    This high-end safe is designed in Sweden and meets the European safety standards. In fact, it was designed and developed by a company specializing in designing safes for more than 200 years and is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.


    ReferenceLaptop capacityTablet / mini-computer capacityWeight DimensionsNumber of shelves / compartmentsHeight between shelves / compartment dimensionsStandard socket outlets
    SEP-COF-CR2040114 kg190 x 40 x 50 cm20 shelves65 mm20
    SEP-COF-CR-V2040150 kg190 x 57,5 x 50 cm20 shelves65 mm20
    SEP-COF-CR-CI2020180 kg190 x 57,5 x 50 cm20 compartments6,2 x 35,4 x 44cm20

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    l'armoire forte
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    C105 D110 E798 F798


    Electronic SwingBolt Lock (EN)

    User instructions EM2050 RotoBolt Electronic SwingBolt Lock

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    Armoire forte (FR)

    Fiche technique Armoire forte pour portables et tablettes

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    Modèle 20 portables/ 40 tablettes Ref. SEP-COF-AFCI-E

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