Double-sided adhesive inventory tape

Double adhesive polyester labels: discover the solutions we offer for the optimal identification of your property inventory

Looking for top-of-the-range labels to identify all your property but your budget does not allow you to acquire them?

Discover our customized double-adhesive label range.

Double-sided inventory labels - SBE Direct

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The double-adhesive label: a high-performance product

Our highly degressive rates and the numerous tests carried out in the laboratory make these labels unique on the market in terms of efficiency and value for money. Stick the barcode label onto all types of surface: they are universal. Invest in a successful product: the polyester barcode label has a very respectable long-term durability, particularly thanks to the very powerful adhesive and the protective transparent polyester top layer. Remove them in case of end of validity: manual removal is difficult for each barcode label but possible (use of label remover).

Do not hesitate to include the logo of your company on each double-adhesive label, the finish is impeccable and the brand image of your company will only be strengthened.