blue disposable surgical mask with box
    • blue disposable surgical mask with box
    • blue disposable surgical mask format

    Disposable surgical mask blue

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    the box of 1000

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    • Reduces the spread of COVID 19
    • 3-ply mask 
    • Disposable 
    • Complies with NF EN 14683 + AC 2019 standards
    • Comfortable and durable

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    Since 1 September 2020, the wearing of masks has been obligatory in companies and in all public places. SBE Direct offers you the disposable surgical mask to help you protect your staff and feel safe in your company. In addition, following government advice, it is strongly recommended to have a stock of masks for 10 weeks within the company.

    What is the purpose of the disposable surgical mask? 

    The protective mask in times of health crisis is a barrier gesture that allows you to filter bacteria and avoid contracting a virus such as coronavirus. The disposable surgical mask will retain the droplets that may carry the virus and helps protect the people around you. 

    The advantages of a disposable surgical mask

    During an epidemic, a pandemic, it is important to impose barrier gestures to fight against viruses. Wearing a surgical mask is essential during the COVID 19 health crisis. There are many advantages to wearing a surgical mask such as : 

    • It is disposable 
    • It is single-use 
    • It has a high filtration efficiency 
    • It is comfortable and resistant
    • The 3 filtration layers allow for a high level of filtration 
    • It will retain the droplets and prevent them from spreading in the atmosphere.
    • It will reduce the spread of coronavirus. 

    How do I use a disposable surgical mask? 

    It is important to use your mask properly so as not to reduce its effectiveness. To do this, there are a few simple gestures to follow.

    First of all, it is important to wash your hands before handling the mask. Then, locate the part to pinch the nose and place the surgical mask on the face by adjusting it to avoid, for example, air jets. The mask should cover the mouth and nose. Once the disposable surgical mask has been placed on the face, avoid touching it as much as possible and move it around. When removing the protective mask; whether for eating, drinking or changing it for example; wash your hands before and after with soap or hydroalcoholic gel and only touch the elastic bands. Once the 4 hours have elapsed, change your surgical mask and dispose of it in a closed rubbish waste bin.

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    Data sheet

    the box of 1000
    per box of 50
    1 year
    Polypropylene and latex-free
    170 x 160 mm
    NF EN 14683 + AC 2019

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