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In 2015, the medium amount of IT equipment stolen from American companies was $175.000 per company. To avoid this situation, opt for computer protection with the help of this range of anti-theft computer anchoring devices and computer security cables. Install a 100% mechanical system which will dissuade anyone from trying to remove one of your office computers or iMacs.

Computer Locks : Complete kit and spare parts

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Computer anchoring: the benefits of an anti-theft system for your office computer.

Your digital material offers several points of attack. Different kinds of PC and iMAc anti-theft device allow you to:

  • secure your peripherals and USB ports
  • to anchor your CPU with the aid of an adhesive power of between 1 and 2.5 tons
  • to prevent the opening of housings using various anti-theft screws, thereby preventing any hostile intrusion or removal

A design of master key, available as an option, allows the management of the different systems installed.

Computer anchoring devices, PC anti-theft devices adapted to every budget and need: computer anti-theft devices and mechanical anchoring

We have 3 types of computer anti-theft devices, from the least expensive to the highest possible level of security, all depending on your risk exposure and your budget. Take advantage of our degressive pricing to protect the whole gamut of your computers thanks also to our iMac anti-theft system.

These PC anti-theft cables, PC supports and computer anchorings are easy to use, safe and provide long-term protection.