What is the best SATO industrial label printer?

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You need to change your industrial label printer and you want to invest in the best SATO printer on the market, but you don't know which product to choose? In this article, we will compare the SATO CL4NX Plus and CT4-LX to best suit your needs!

Introducing the SATO CL4NX Plus:

This label printer is a condensed technology. It combines precision, printing speed, simplicity and ergonomics. Printing on an industrial scale becomes child's play, just-in-time printing will be a distant memory. Its best asset is its printing speed of 355 mm/s, which defies all competition.

Print fast yes, but does it print with a good resolution ? The SATO CL4NX Plus is packed with features and functionality. It can print at 609 dpi on a wide range of consumables.

If you're looking for the best performing industrial label printer on the market, the SATO CL4NX Plus might just be the printer for you !

It spearheads thermal printers and a new generation of label printers. Capable of printing on a wide range of media :

  • Skewed labels in rolls
  • Folded labels in folding sheets
  • Plain paper labels
  • Synthetic paper labels
  • Continuous web

Like many printers on the market, this one prints barcodes, 1D and 2D. However, the SATO CL4NX Plus label printer has more to offer, as it is also compatible with RFID and HF RFID technology (optional).

This means that for as little as €2,352, you can get a versatile industrial label printer that can do the work of two or even three printers !

To learn more about this model, click here.

SATO CT4-LX Overview :

This state-of-the-art industrial label printer specializes in RFID technology and allows you to easily read and encode your RFID labels. Compact, intuitive and ultra-efficient, it will adapt to your premises and guide your most creative searches.

Its 4.3-inch touch screen allows for smoother navigation and faster menu comprehension. Reading and encoding smart labels has never been faster, with a print speed of 203 mm/s. Like many of the printers in the range, your label size will have to conform to a maximum width of 104mm.

With a print resolution of nearly 305 dpi, it leads its class with the highest print quality. This compact printer is resourceful, optimizing the efficiency and profitability of the production flow to its maximum thanks to its simple and effective configuration, induced in particular by the recording of the profiles of support labels.

If we had to talk about a strong added value, we would talk about its intelligent detection type, able to mark the weeding cells in black by simple detection and transmission. Moreover, the SATO CT4-LX is compatible with a large choice of consumables :

  • Scored labels in rolls
  • Draft shield labels
  • Plain paper labels
  • Synthetic and continuous paper labels, centered alignment, inside and outside.

An efficient industrial label printer, but is it environmentally friendly ? SATO makes every effort to reduce its waste production. Also, the label waste prevention function allows the user to print from the first label !

If you are looking for a label printer to make smart RFID labels, intuitive, compact, and powerful, from 3 109 €, the SATO CT4-LX is the ideal printer !

To learn more about this model, click here.

What is RFID ?

Without really realizing it, RFID technology is present everywhere in our environment and daily life, whether through transportation cards, anti-theft tags in stores, RFID badges, security badges or more recently contactless car keys.

The advantage of this technology is that it saves time for users and allows for quick data reading. But do you really know what RFID is ?

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a method to store and retrieve data remotely. The system is activated by a transfer of electromagnetic energy between a radio tag and an RFID transmitter. The radio tag, composed of an electronic chip and an antenna, receives the radio signal emitted by the reader, which is also equipped with RFID technology. The components allow both reading and responding to the signals.

To learn more about RFID technology, you can read our article on : Understanding RFID in 10 points.

SATO CL4NX Plus and CT4-LX Industrial Label Printers Feature Comparison Chart :

Printing method Thermal transfer / Direct thermal
Printing mode Continuous, Tear, Cutter, Dispenser, Linerless
Max. print resolution 609 dpi 305 dpi
Max. printing speed 355 mm/s 203 mm/s
Form of packaging Labels / RFID and HF RFID compatible in option RFID on the outside 
Max. print area Width 104 mm 104 mm
Length 2 500 mm 2 500 mm
Processor Dual CPU and dual operating system: CPU 1: 800 MHz for Linux OS, CPU 2: 800 MHz for ITRON OS 32 bits 1 Ghz
Printer memory CPU 1 : ROM 2 Go, RAM 256 Mo, CPU 2 : ROM 4 Mo, RAM 64 Mo 4 GB of storage memory, 1 GB of RAM
Display screen TFT color LCD, 3.5 inches Resistant 4.3 inch touch screen, TFT Full Colour (480 x 272 pixels)

What is the best SATO industrial label printer ?

Based on all of these comparisons and features, we were able to narrow down and get a clearer picture of the needs that the SATO CL4NX Plus and CT4-LX label printers meet.

There is not fundamentally one printer that is better than the other simply because they meet different needs. However, if we had to decide between these two industrial printers, the SATO CL4NX Plus would be our choice.

The SATO CL4NX Plus is the better label printer because it meets more generic criteria and needs. Indeed, its versatility will allow you to read and encode smart labels with RFID technology as well as print more common labels.

Its printing speed of 355 mm/s and its resolution of 609 dpi make this printer a formidable tool and your best ally against tense production flows.

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