What are security bags for?

We have been offering security bags for several years now, but have you really understood what they are used for? We will answer all your questions about these bags that could bring security solutions to your business. 

What is the purpose of a security bag for my business? 

Shuttle bags, originally used for mail delivery and sorting, have been upgraded to become security bags. The zip of the security bags is sealed with a numbered plastic seal to prevent it from being opened.

Originally, they were designed to secure the transportation of money for public bodies and cash in shops. However, their usefulness has attracted many other sectors requiring the safe transport of sensitive objects or documents such as jewellers, industrial workshops, high fashion workshops etc. 

Still widely used for the transport of important mail, the security shuttle pouch has an addressing window. For transporting large files, gusseted mailers are ideal as they can hold large volumes.   

With the help of courier services, it is becoming more and more common to have items delivered to a recipient. The secure shuttle bags ensure that the items are transported without fraud by a third party. The seal certifies that the contents have not been compromised and makes the bag pickpocket proof! 

There are many different types of bag, one model will suit your specific needs.  For example, when transporting your laptops and tablets by courier, the padded secure bag ensures that your electronic devices arrive in perfect condition. 

Why choose a secure crate bag? 

Transporting your items by courier or not The checkout bag offers many advantages: 

  • Checkout bags are reusable more than 2,000 times, provided you change the seal each time you use them 
  • Made of high quality, durable and weatherproof materials to protect your money
  • Semi-rigid to fit your largest items
  • An economical and environmentally friendly alternative to money bags 
  • 5 year warranty
  • Secure numbered seals for easy tracking

How is the bag secure? 

The bags are said to be "secure" because they are permanently sealed with a unique numbered seal. The bag can only be opened by breaking the seal that blocks the closure. Once broken, the seal cannot be reused. It must be replaced by another seal to secure the bag. If an ill-intentioned person opens the bag and replaces the seal, fraud will be detected. Indeed, the seal number will not be the same as the seal number put in place by the sender. 

The security is really effective if the recipient has been informed by the sender of the seal number. The seal does not prevent theft during transport, but it does make it possible to see immediately if the pouch has been tampered with and the contents compromised. 

This will reassure both the recipient and the sender. If a product is missing and the seal is not identical, it is obvious that there has been fraud during transport. You can then take action against the logistics company that handled the transport. 

It is available in plain, numbered, personalised, 1D and 2D barcodes in a choice of colours. Barcodes have many advantages in the transport of sensitive products: they increase legibility, even with partial degradation of the barcode, and carry data. For more information, see our article "All about barcodes and their readers".

A concrete example of the use of a security bag: the customer case of a luxury jeweller 

Security bags are not only used to carry sensitive documents and mail.

A customer case study speaks louder than words. A French jeweller's house regularly receives pieces of jewellery in their various Parisian shops that have been damaged by customers. These valuable pieces, often adorned with precious and semi-precious stones, have to be repaired and embellished in their workshops located in the Paris region. 

The jewellery must then be transported from the shop to the workshop. In view of the value of the objects, it is inconceivable that they should be left in transit without security by the couriers commissioned for the journey. In order to ensure the traceability of the journeys, each secured cash bag has a unique number that is rarely used during the courier service. The workshop is therefore aware of the number to be recorded on the seal. If this is not the case, then it can be assumed that the incident occurred during transport. 

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