The added value of custom stickers for companies

custom sticker

Customised stickers are used by many companies to develop their physical communication. This flexible and adhesive advertising medium allows you to promote your brand to customers and partners thanks to their personalisation with your brand image. In this article, we detail the advantages of using this type of support.

The promotional sticker, a simple marketing tool

Opting for the promotional sticker is choosing simplicity. It is a marketing tool like any other, rather practical because it can be stuck on any type of support (cardboard, glass, wood, metal, plastic, paper...ect) and surfaces (flat, curved...ect). They represent an economical investment, especially for large-scale communication, with multiple uses:

  • marking your products
  • to put a small gift in your parcels
  • to personalise gift bags
  • to close invitations
  • identify your mail
  • gain visibility at events
  • attract prospects during a promotional operation
  • decorate a shop window
  • inform about new offers
  • do street marketing
  • ...

This sticker can be personalised with a visual, a message in the colours of your graphic charter. Moreover, your sticker can be in the shape of your choice. Small, medium, large, round, rectangular, square or other, the format is not to be neglected.

Namely, the square and the rectangle are straight shapes, meaning calm, ideal for structured companies, renowned in their field. The round sticker is a little more artistic, it gives off a more original and innovative image. You can cut your stickers in the shape of a heart, a dog, a bottle... All shapes are possible.

It is an asset for your brand image and allows customers to recognize your brand at first glance.

The professional sticker, an asset for internal communication

Stickers with the effigy of your brand can be an asset for your internal communication by being distributed to employees. They bring the premises to life and can be stuck on accessories, computers and other supplies. It's a way to unite teams around the company's values and add fun. It is also an accessory that can be shared with partners, useful for conveying your brand image and leaving a small souvenir.

100% customisable stickerssticker promotionnel

To meet your marketing or internal communication strategy, find our professional vinyl or polyester stickers, customisable in 13 different sizes with the marking of your choice (logo, text, barcode, QR-code, numbering... ect) in high quality digital printing. A little extra: these stickers can be cut into the shape of your choice

autocollant promotionnel

In addition, we offer promotional stickers made of tear-resistant polypropylene in 2 different formats. The printing of the markings is done by screen printing, offering a high quality rendering. This communication medium is highly resistant to wear, UV, water and extreme temperatures thanks to the transparent varnish on the material. 

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