Test our identification plate which is impossible to remove

identification plate on laptop

We are pleased to present our flagship product in terms of identification plate to secure your goods in a definitive way: the SBE Tamper-Proof & Retractable Plate, the only marking that is really impossible to remove.

Identification plate

This identification plate is ideal for identifying and securing your computer equipment (desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, etc.), office equipment (telephones, accessories) but also in industrial environments (electronic equipment, control and measuring devices, etc.) and in hospitals (monitors, ambulatory electronics, etc.). This tamper-proof firm plate can be glued perfectly in 1 minute thanks to an applicator (provided).

The SBE tamper-proof identification plate is the reference on the market thanks to its many qualities:

  • Certifies your property on a long-term basis
  • More security, less theft
  • Top-of-the-range finish and aesthetics
  • Impossible to tear off (without tools)
  • Easy to install: less than a minute
  • Exclusive SBE patent
  • Economical: From 1,63€ht the personalized plate in your colors.

The adhesives literally "weld" this manufacturer's plate to its holder, and you can be sure that your identification will never be removed.

Also come and discover our different models of adhesive and tamper-resistant inventory plates, as well as the different options and possibilities of each identification plate.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any requests about our inventory and ownership tools or for any request for a quote or any other questions Test our identification plate which is impossible to remove.

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