SBE participates in the authentication of a new video game from a French studio!

Do you know the connection between hologram stickers and vintage video games? And yet there is a link at SBE Direct! The French studio NEOFID has trusted us to authenticate their new game with a vintage look: Demons of Asteborg.

These video game lovers have the ambition to revive the mythical SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis console by creating a new original game inspired by the universe of various legendary games such as Ghouls'n Ghosts, Castlevania, Mickey Mania or Panzer Dragoon. The project started in 2019 and after 2 years of development, Demons Of Asteborg will finally see the light of day in early August 2021!  

This game is available in various forms: Cartridge for the Megadrive, and in dematerialized versions on Steam (PC) and Nintendo Switch.

What is the game about? What is the story of Demons of Asteborg?  

hologram demon of asteborg reverse

The game takes place in a world where Demons and Humans must live together in a medieval fantasy world called Asteborg. Peace has long been maintained by a cohabitation pact and the borders of their countries.

30 years after the great war between the two clans, Zadimus, the leader of the Demon army, launches an assault on the human people. You play as Gareth, a young and promising knight of the Royal Guard and your mission is to save the Humans from the attack of these evil beings. To do this, you must traverse environments and fight the most ferocious enemies that come your way.

Since its release, the game has been a huge success and is even ranked 8th in the world's top games released in 2021, according to Digital Foundry.

If you are a retrogaming fan, whether you own a SEGA Mega Drive or not, you can buy the action-platformer directly here !

What is the link between SBE and Demon of Asteborg? 

The creators of the game wanted to number all the cartridges of the original game to prove the authenticity of the game. 

However, for the French studio, a simple number was not enough to guarantee the originality of the product. They needed to find a way to prevent product tampering, and that's where our holographic sticker comes in. 

The hologram is extremely thin and allows for quick verification that the product is an original. As desired, each holographic sticker has a unique, forgery-proof laser-engraved serial number (which can also be destroyed by tearing), which is indelible. 

In addition to adding a unique touch to the product through its aesthetic appeal, the holographic sticker is tamper-proof and tamper evident. 

It is impossible to remove the label from the game cartridge and replace it on a copy. The label is equipped with a VOID adhesive: if it is removed, part of the adhesive splits in two in the shape of a honeycomb on the substrate and on the label, as can be seen in the photo below.

example void hologram

In addition, this label requires a high level of technology to be produced and cannot be simply photocopied due to the many details in the layers. 

Finally, the holographic effect gives the cartridge a retro feel. Holography was widely used in the 90's-2000's, we all remember the rare Pokémon cards that used this effect (cards that have now become collectibles and highly coveted!). 

certified hologram on cartmod game

"We are very pleased with the quality of the holographic stickers. When developing the physical version of our game on MEGADRIVE, we were looking for a way to mark the authenticity of the product with a discreet but elegant element. Our choice was naturally the holographic label from SBE Direct", says Elise ROBERT, Communications Manager at Neofid Studios. 

If this story has given you any ideas about authenticating your products with holograms, SBE Direct offers fully customisable holograms from 5,000 units. You can choose the visuals, format, colour, variables (QR code, bar code, laser numbering) and printing (logo, image etc).

If you need less than 5,000 holograms, we also offer standard hologram stickers.

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