PC anti-theft cable, how does it work?

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The use of PCs and laptops is now commonplace in companies, schools and at business events. It is therefore essential to secure your computer equipment against theft with an anti-theft cable, an effective and inexpensive solution.

An anti-theft cable for extra protection of your computer

Whatever brand of computer you have, it can be secured with a cable that is specific to its security slot. To find out which cable is compatible with your PC, see our article: "What's the difference between a Kensington and Dell anti-theft cable? If your computer or other device does not have a built-in notch, you can opt for an adhesive notch to stick to your PC.

An anti-theft cable allows you to secure your computer in a fixed place and protects it from theft. An anti-theft cable is made of very strong braided steel. It consists of a head with the termination that fits into the slot of the computer and a lock where you turn the key to lock and unlock the cable. If you don't want a key, there are also combination cables.

Steps to install a cable lock 

Installing a cable lock is very quick and easy.

Start by wrapping your cable around a fixed element near your mount and passing it through the loop at the end. If you don't have a place to run your cable, you can opt for a wall anchor that will serve as a hanging point.

Then you can insert the termination into the security port on your computer. Lock the lock with your key or the combination number. Make sure that your cable is securely attached to your PC.

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