How to use custom stickers for your marketing?


Would you like to adopt an effective and inexpensive way to integrate your marketing campaign? Then adopt the promotional sticker, fully customisable to increase your brand awareness. This communication medium can have a very good return on investment by bringing you new customers at a very economical cost. Here, we will share with you some marketing actions using this advertising medium.

The personalised sticker: the ideal goodiesticker personnalisé

The personalised sticker can be distributed as a goodie at an event (trade fair, conference, exhibition, shop opening, etc.), or can be offered on the counter of a shop, restaurant, institute, etc. This type of sticker plays an important role for the image and the adhesion to the brand. It is often considered as a gift by the person who receives it.

Another solution is to put a few stickers directly in the parcel so that the customer discovers them when unboxing. A small gift that makes people happy and that can be stuck on any type of support. This way, the visual will be shared and seen by people around him, potential customers.

The personalised sticker can be used in conjunction with other advertising materials such as bags, brochures, caps, etc.

Street marketing

Street marketing is a marketing operation that consists of distributing communication media, most often flyers or goodies, to make a brand or new products known to a large public around a sales outlet. This fast and original technique has a very good promotional impact for a small budget.

At the exit of the metro, in the shopping streets, you can distribute your promotional stickers which will have several effects: 

  • attract the eye
  • give an original and young image of the company
  • create an event, surprise and bring the brand closer to consumers
  • create traffic and stimulate sales

Beware, if you are a company known for its environmental values, the distribution of stickers may be criticised by your customers and have a negative effect on your brand image. Any marketing decision must be in line with your values and your target. 

The personalised sticker: the visual touch on a parcel

sticker sur colis

In order to make a good impression on your customers, you can put a sticker with your brand on the parcel or the product packaging. This adds a little extra, which is pleasing to the eye and allows you to share a message like "Thank you for your order" or highlight the logo with the website so that the customer remembers it.

Another solution is to put some stickers directly in the package so that the customer can discover them when unboxing. A small gift that makes people happy and that can be stuck on any type of support. This way, the visual will be shared and seen by people around him, potential customers.

This marketing action optimises visual communication, word-of-mouth and customer loyalty.

Stickers are perceived as something fun and benefit from a high level of engagement compared to traditional marketing tools.

autollants sur voiture

The personalised sticker: an advertising medium car stickers

Most often known for its small size, the customised sticker can be declined in multiple formats, from the smallest to the largest. Using large format custom stickers in your advertising campaigns is a great idea as it is a low cost medium with a lot of impact. You can stick stickers with the effigy of your company on a fleet of professional vehicles, on a shop window ... ect. Indeed, you can completely customise the bodywork, rims, windows and mirrors for a completely revised look in your company's colours. These stickers are durable and easy to maintain. In addition, they protect the car from scratches and dirt.

They are easy to apply by simply sticking them on and then they will be seen by a maximum number of people on the street. Your message must be of high quality, clear and visible. This way your company will gain notoriety and new prospects.

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