How to manage reserved access in hotels, holiday clubs and even restaurants?

<pclass="top-article">Hotels and clubs are places of relaxation and holidays where many guests meet each year. Manage a hotel can quickly become complex due to the many offers. SBE recommends a simple and inexpensive solution: the wristband.

How can I use the wristband in meeting places such as hotels? 

Wristbands are used to identify people in a place according to the different offers and accesses. Indeed, in hotels, it is very common to have several meals offers: all inclusive, full board, half board -board, breakfast...  A coloured bracelet makes it possible to check at a glance that people entering the hotel restaurant have the right offer. wristband used in hotel restaurant

The advantage of this system is to make entries more fluid to restaurants and, above all, to leave the customer free.  Controls can prevent the feeling of being on holiday and strengthen the “supervised” side. 

Another advantage is that the bracelet can be nominative (personalized) or single-use (can’t be removed without being damaged).  Single-use wristbands prevent any attempt of exchange between customers and thus prevent fraud. 

Last point, this system is cheap, easy to set up and saves you a lot of time and money. 

The wristbandbring added value to guests during their stay and are, in addition, a real management asset for the hotel.

New use of bracelets:  a permanent health pass for guests of Girondins restaurants 

Restaurant owners have recently found the use of bracelets in their business.  Indeed, establishments with very regular customers, have opted for a personalised “sanitary pass” bracelet with the restaurant logo to facilitate the entrances and save time on entry control.  This operation is mainly intended to bring back some customers, especially those who are most resistant to the presentation of the health pass, to the restaurant.  More than 200 restaurateurs in Gironde will set up this test system to verify its effectiveness on the number of visitors to these places. 

 Source:  “Sanitary Pass: a bracelet to avoid scanning customers every day”, Franceinfo, August 19, 2021

 What types of bracelets to choose? 

The choice of bracelet will depend on various factors: the environment of the people who will wear the bracelet, the life of the bracelet (single use or for several days) and, above all, whether the bracelet can be taken away by visitors outside the hotel.

We will list the types of bracelets and their usefulness: 

  • Tyvek wristband: it is the most basic bracelet.  It is single-use and disposable and especially non-reusable because it can be removed by tearing.  It has the advantage of price but no resistance.  Not suitable for places with water (swimming pools, water parks...).   It is possible to add value by customizing it: either barcode + logo or four-colour printing (4 colours on the bracelet).  Not useful for bracelets kept in the medium term.  However, for internal events or paid activities for a day, the disposable wristband is a very attractive option.
  • Vinyl wristband:  This bracelet has the same characteristics as the tyvek bracelet with the difference that this one is water resistant.  It can easily be immersed in water and is suitable for aquatic activities.  Available in many colours and customizable as desired. 
  • Silicone Bracelet: very practical because it can be removed and put back on the wrist easily.  It is possible to customize it with many engraving techniques.  Silicone is a material that does not get dirty, resists very well over time.  This bracelet is interesting for hotels who wish to recover the bracelet at the end of their stay.  However, it will not prevent the exchange of bracelets between individuals. 
  • Fabric wristband: consists of a permanent closure so can not be reusable.  To remove it it it is necessary to cut the fabric and can be kept as a souvenir.  This very high quality bracelet is extremely resistant to water and external aggressions.  It incorporates all the advantages mentioned above. 
  • Wristband with thermal printing:  this product is for single use but can be customized thanks to a thermal printer.  This product can be useful for assigning registered tickets and preventing theft between customers.

Here is a summary table: 

Tyvek wristband Yes No Basic Logo + barcode or 4-colors printing
Vinyl wristband Yes Yes Basic One-color or 4-colors printing 
Silicone Wristband No Yes High Available
Fabric wristband Yes Yes High Available 
Wristband with thermal printing Yes No Basic do it by yoursefl with a thermal printer

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