How to choose a fireproof safe?

fireproof safe

The risk of theft and fraud has increased in recent years, so it is essential to take the necessary measures to protect your confidential documents, computer data and other valuables in business premises (companies, hotels, etc.). The fireproof safe is one of the most effective solutions to protect your belongings against theft but also against fir

Why choose a fireproof safe?

The risk of fire is not to be neglected. Indeed, a fire can break out in a few minutes due to a source of energy or human ignition with serious consequences. In response to this risk, the fireproof safe is an effective device for protecting your contents from damage and loss.

You can store and protect documents, cash, jewellery, weapons or other valuables in a fireproof safe without worry. It complies with all current European security standards as well as fire safety standards.

Thanks to these fireproof materials, the fireproof safe can protect your belongings from flames for 30 minutes and up to 120 minutes for the most resistant ones by keeping the temperature below 175 degrees (paper support), thus preventing them from burning inside the safe.

The fireproof safe is made of very solid materials: a double-walled body, side and top locking by solid round bolts and a continuous locking rail on the hinge side make this safe a real bulwark against burglary and fire. It is highly resistant to shocks as well as to any risk of abrasion and wear, allowing it to secure your belongings for many years.

A fireproof safe is available with 3 types of high security lock: safe with key lockcoffre-fort avec serrure à clé

- Single key lock (double bit): the safe is opened and closed with a key. This lock is recommended if you are the only person to access the safe and there is no risk of losing it.

- serrure électronique coffre fortThe electronic lock: the safe is unlocked with a programmed combination.

- The biometric lock: the safe is opened with a programmed combination and severalserrure biométrique coffre fort fingerprints.

The latter locks are recommended for simple management by several trusted persons.

Whichever lock you choose, your safe will be highly secure. These armoured locks are known to be the most resistant to any break-in or reproduction.

How does a fireproof safe work ?

A fireproof safe works like a traditional safe by protecting your belongings from any break-in thanks to solid anti-theft materials and an opening and closing system secured by a key, an electronic code or a fingerprint. This safe offers additional resistance by protecting your belongings from fire for 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes for the most resistant.

If you want to take all the necessary steps to ensure that your confidential documents and valuables are 100% secure, this safe is the best solution on the market.

The different classes of fireproof safes

The EN 1143-1 standard: it assigns a class to a safe according to its insurable value and allows you to know which safe to choose according to the contents you want to secure.

  • Class S1 and S2: no insurable value
  • Class 0: insurable value of €8,000
  • Class 1: Insurable value of €25,000
  • Class 2: Insurable value of €35,000
  • Class 3: Insurable value of €55,000
  • Class 4: Insurable value of €110,000
  • Class 5: Insurable value of €200,000
  • Class 6: Insurable value of €300,000

The higher the class, the higher the burglary resistance. Each safe must have a certification plate which guarantees its conformity and can be useful to insure your goods in case of an incident.

EN1047-1: This standard assesses the degree of fire resistance of a safe and guarantees the protection of the contents in the event of fire. To meet the requirements of this standard, the internal temperature must not exceed 150°C for paper media and 30°C for computer media. In addition, the safe must withstand a fall from a height of several metres to certify its resistance. This is a particularly strict standard that provides reliable protection for documents or valuables.

There is also the NT Fire 017 standard, a Swedish standard that is based solely on fire resistance, and the EN 15659 standard from the European laboratory ECB.S, which certifies two fire resistance periods, 30 and 60 minutes.

Where to place your fireproof safe?

As your safe is burglar and fire resistant, there is no need to hide it in a place where it cannot be found as thieves could ransack your premises in their search. You can still put it in a cupboard so that it is out of sight and easily accessible by you. 

To avoid any hassle, it is possible to have your safe delivered, assembled and installed thanks to an additional service that we offer. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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