[50%] Liquidation of the stock of eco-color anti-theft cables

stock liquidation of anti theft cables

We have just posted a 50% discount on our website www.sbedirect.com for the entire range of eco-color anti-theft cables, and as SBE's preferred customer, we wanted you to be the first to know.


Do not wait, the stock is limited and will not be renewed. These are compact and lightweight, high-quality, new, light blue, pink or white anti-theft cables for laptops with a very elegant design:

Yes, take advantage of this exceptional offer today to offer your laptops a first level of security against theft, for a price ranging from €4.69 to €3.47 depending on models and quantities.

Yours sincerely,

The SBE sales team.

There are very few studies on computer theft in companies, and we invite you to discover on our blog 3 very interesting articles that address this delicate subject with precision:

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