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Selection of 2,300 low-price Satin wristbands, 11 colours

154,00 Tax excluded - 50%

The batch of 2300 bracelets

Tax excluded Livraison : 1 à 3 semaines
  • A range of colours 
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Resistance to external forces

Total : 154.00€ HT

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At home on Monday 26 April 2021


Half-price satin wristbands

This batch consists of durable, brightly coloured polyester wristbands.  Its particularly durable polyester material allows it to be used in any type of environment and it is particularly resistant to external forces including moisture, heat, water (salted and chlorinated) and friction. It may be worn for an average of one month without deteriorating.

28 cm long: The ideal length to fit both children and adults. 
Simple fastening: it will hold securely with a double knot.
Free movement: 10 mm wide.

The batch consists of 2,300 wristbands divided according to the following colours: 

- White: 3 00 wristbands
- Beige200 wristbands
- Sky blue200 wristbands
- Grey200 wristbands
- Yellow200 wristbands
- Black200 wristbands
- Orange200 wristbands
- Red200 wristbands
- Pink200 wristbands
- Dark green200 wristbands
- Purple: 200 wristbands

Batches are indivisible. Single batch.


Data sheet

The batch of 2300 bracelets
per pack of 100
white, beige, sky blue, gray, yellow, black, orange, red, pink, dark green, purple
28 cm

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