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    Selection of 7,400 classic vinyl wristbands, 12 colours

    845,00 Tax excluded

    7,400 bracelets

    Tax excluded Livraison : 1 à 3 semaines
    • Highly durable material
    • A range of colours
    • Tamper-proof
    • Adjustable length

    Total : 845.00€ HT

    At home on Tuesday 11 August 2020


    Large batch of vinyl wristbands Classic size  

    This is a particularly strong wristband which can be used to identify people at workshops, events, community meetings, and more. The robust, vinyl wristband is double sided to repel moisture, salt and chlorinated water, UV exposure and friction.

    The non-transferable fastener means it cannot be tampered with. This wristband attaches to the wrist with a simple push button and it is then impossible to remove it without cutting or breaking it.

    Elegance and comfort:

    Its wide palette of colours and its shiny texture make this wristband a practical and elegant accessory. For maximum comfort, its length can be adjusted to fit anyone. The fastening allows you to adjust the wristband perfectly to your wrist, thereby avoiding any risk of discomfort and offering you optimal freedom of movement.

    The batch consists of 7,400 wristbands divided into the following colours

    - Bright blue: 600 wristbands
    - Royal blue: 400 wristbands
    - Grey: 1,200 wristbands
    - Black: 7 00 wristbands
    - Gold: 1,000 wristbands
    - Bright red: 500 wristbands
    - Transparent: 500 wristbands
    - Bright light green: 1,000 wristbands
    - Light green: 500 wristbands
    - Dark green: 3 00 wristbands
    - Purple: 700 wristbands

    Batches are indivisible. Single batch.


    Data sheet

    7,400 bracelets
    Per pack of 100
    Neon blue, royal blue, gray, black, gold, neon red, transparent, neon light green, light green, dark green, purple
    Body diameter

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