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    Selection of 3,770 pull tight seals, bag seals and package seals.

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    Lot of 3770 seals

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    • Unbeatable characteristics 
    • Resistance to pull force

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    At home on Friday 07 August 2020

    Batch of pull tight seals, bag seals and package seals

    Whether you are in charge of security or a carrier, your priority is to ensure that your property is properly monitored. This batch consists of several seals for transportation.

    Pull tight seals:

    Composed of 28 x 35 mm platinum polypropylene, width 2.5 mm and a total length 251 mm,with a usable length of 210 mm, this pull tight seal can withstand a pull force of 12 kg. Mainly intended for tracking lorry trailers, they may equally be suitable for containers or equipment legally subject to monitoring standards

    Bag seal:

    Made of polystyrene, the security bag seal has a body measuring 12.5 x 12 mm, a total height of 22 mm and a depth of 2 mm. Resistant to extreme temperatures, from -20°C to +80°C, this declared value seal is unbreakable. It is only possible to open a closed security pouch with a bag seal by breaking it, which makes it non-reusable.

    Package seal:

    This product set consists of a red cable seal and a foldable metal strip to secure crates and pallets. The same serial number is displayed on the strip and seal. We have a set consisting of a red seal, with F.F. marking and consecutive numbering in stock .

    The batch consists of:

    • Pull tight seal: 2,000 Red and 1,000 Blue
    • Bag seal:  3 * 250 = 750 seals
    • Package seal: 2 * 10 = 20 seals

    Batches are indivisible. Single batch.


    Data sheet

    Lot of 3770 seals
    per pack of 1000
    Red Blue

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