Ancrage intégral pour ordinateurs de bureaux
  • Ancrage intégral pour ordinateurs de bureaux
  • Ancrage intégral pour ordinateurs de bureaux

Integral Anchor for desktop computers.

125.00 Tax excluded
Tax excluded Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines
  • Prohibits unauthorized removal
  • Protects the internal components of the PC
  • Suitable for any computer / office equipment
  • The ideal solution for public access computer rooms
  • Computer locking systems

Total : 125.00 HT

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At home on Wednesday 02 October 2019

One of the best computer locking systems available in the market

This integral anchor replaces the computer cable locking system while ensuring maximum security and protection of your computer.

This computer locking system has an adhesive strength of 4 tons per plate, achieved by a tamperproof mechanical assembly consisting of a heavy steel base plate attached to the desk (urethane adhesive foam) and 4 neoprene coated steel base pads glued with the help of cyanoacrylate-based powerful adhesives to the bottom of the casing of the equipment to be protected. All tools and components are provided: the heavy steel base plate with its urethane adhesive, the lock block, 4 steel base pads + black neoprene, 4 couplings + bolts, adhesive, dismantling system, and assembly instructions. Optionally, it is possible to anchor the screen by adding just 1 ABA computer security cable and 1 THA anchor. This computer locking system has a lifetime warranty. Identical keys and master key options are available. The plate is detachable - patented system provided - without causing any damage to the desktop.

Format of the anchor plates: 

  • 13 x 20 x 0.5cm (Ref. No. ANC-AI-LG)
  • 41 x 46 x 0.5cm (Ref. No. ANC-AI-XL)

Full anchor for laptops available on this site.

Be careful not to use degreasing agent bags for these products requiring gluing with Cyanoacrylate glue.


Data sheet

l'ancrage intégral
à l'unité
1 an
Code catalogue
C095 D100 E020 F020
Autocollant puissant
Résistance à l'arrachage
> 2 Tonnes

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Format 13x20x0.5cm Ref. ANC-AI-LG

Quantités Prix € HT
1 125 €

Format 41x46x0.5cm Ref. ANC-AI-XL

Quantités Prix € HT
1 125 €

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