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    Laptops & Tablets Charging Cart

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    • Closed door recharging of devices
    • Real inviolable safe
    • Opening by electronic lock
    • Anchors on all types of mounting (floor, wall ...)
    • Charging cart

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    This very robust charging cabinet protects and secures your tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab ...), tablets PCs and laptops while recharging. This charging cart for tablets can be used in hotels, schools, open-spaces, computer rooms, training or conference rooms.

    A loading cart for compact, high capacity touch tablets, netbooks and laptops

    This secure cart for tablets, made up entirely of steel, has :

    • A 3 mm thick secure door
    • A 3-point lock with bolts
    • 2 mm thick walls
    • Movable and positionable shelves
    • 20 to 30 power outlets for each device
    RéférenceCapacity laptopsCapacity tablets/small laptopsWeightExternal dimensio,sNumber of shelvesStandard socket outlets
    SEP-COF-OPT-10102069 kg60 x 52 x 41 cm1020 (2 sockets strips with 10 sockets each)
    SEP-COF-OPT-15153084 kg81,5 x 52 x 41 cm2030 (3 sockets strips with 10 sockets each)

    It is also possible to increase the capacity of the charging cabinet for laptops, netbooks and tablet PCs if you wish to store a larger number of devices. In fact, shelves can be set up to accommodate up to 40 touch tablets ( iPads , Galaxy Tabs, etc.) or 20 laptops to become the anti-theft tablet with the greatest capacity. This option is available on request.

    A secure cart that recharges your tablets and laptops


    220V Sockets (20 or 30 depending upon the model) are placed inside the secure charging cart to allows you to recharge your electronic devices when stored. To prevent overheating, there are ventilation grids on the walls of the safe.

    The enlargement option allows you to add 10 additional sockets.

    lock-electronic-safe-laptops-tablets An electronic lock with absolute security

    The charging cart is equipped with an encrypted electronic lock , which has 2 types of configurations : a master code and a user code. In case of low battery, a light signal is displayed and the battery of the lock can be charged from the outside of the secure cart for laptops or touch tablet PCs.

    A charging cart that can be mounted on any support piece

    This loading cart is supplied with a mounting kit (including screws and dowels) so that it can be sealed on any type of mounting such as a wall, table, floor and thus making it completely resistant to tear-off.

    This high-end safe is designed in Sweden and meets the European safety standards. In fact, it was designed and developed by a company specializing in designing safes for more than 200 years and is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

    SBE also offers a high security portable category for tablets and laptops or a safe for laptops and tablets .

     Delivery in continental France only (excluding Corsica) and on the ground floor. For any other destination, or configuration (installation by floor, assembly, etc.), please contact us. 


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    Door 3mm - Walls 2mm

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    10 laptops / 20 tablets
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    15 laptops / 30 tablets
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