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Welcome to the SBE property security clearance sale. Here you will find all the products you need to secure your property at unbeatable prices, starting at 50% off. Anti-theft computer cables, seals, padlocks, UV lamps, anchor plates and security screws, all end-of-series products that have never been sold before, are available for clearance. Hurry up, there will not be enough for everyone (while stocks last)!

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laptop high security cable
  • Reduced price
36,50 Tax excluded

The cable

High-security anti-theft laptop cable: Are you looking for a reliable solution that is good value for money? The High Security Anti-theft Laptop Cable is a...
low cost karat 30 mm padlock
  • Reduced price
4,45 Tax excluded

The lock

Low-cost Karat Padlock The Karat 30 mm padlock is an effective solution to secure your property.  More details on this padlock: - Solid...
yellow clip seals en
  • Reduced price
69,00 Tax excluded

Lot of 800 seals

BATCH OF CLIP SEALS With a height of 40 mm , these automatic clip seals, mainly used to lock hospital cabinets, may be just as suitable for securing...
special notebook integral anchor below the keyboard en.
  • Reduced price
73,50 Tax excluded


Discover the special notebook integral anchor This computer anchor is a radical solution that safeguards your equipment from theft. It is a genuine...
De 64,50€ à 75,50 Tax excluded
De 129,00€ à 151,00-50 %

the support

A universal anti-theft protection for videoprojectors that adapts to most of them. This anti-theft device for videoprojectors designed in resistant steel,...
De 24,00€ à 28,00 Tax excluded

The lock

Discover our eco-color combination lock, variable combination lock that allows you to protect not only your belongings but also your staff. You will be able...
Eco Computer Cable Lock : The Complete Kit 1
  • Reduced price
De 15,00€ à 45,50 Tax excluded
De 30,00€ à 91,00-50%

the kit

Computer locking: this economical antitheft anchoring system for desktop computers, video equipment, laboratory equipment, etc. shown here as our basic...